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Personalization is more than a feature - it’s delivering the right content in the right context at the right moment across all channels. This fundamental approach to the customer experience can be a key differentiator for ambitious businesses.

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CoreMedia's' open architecture allows you to connect with industry-leading third-party best-of-breed solutions using CoreMedia Content Hub and pre-built connectors.



Delight your customers with highly relevant personalized experiences for each individual moment. Provide the right content at the right time in the right language and design.

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Bust The Five Myths of Personalization

While 85% of companies believe they deliver personalized experiences, only 60% of customers agree. Download this guide to learn the true meaning of personalization, the myths around it, and strategies to help you exceed customer expectations and strengthen brand loyalty.

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What Do Iconic Experiences Require?

Content is more important than ever. To keep customers engaged, brands will need to create inspirational product experiences at the touch of a button.

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Breaking the Chains of Personalization

Personalization is a complicated topic with a lot of pitfalls, so retailers need a tailored strategy. Learn a few ways to avoid pitfalls and create lasting bonds with your customers.

Made Easy with Content Cloud - Personalization

Made Easy with Content Cloud – Personalization

Personalizing your ecommerce site is super easy with CoreMedia Content Cloud. Watch this short video to learn how leverage customer segments from your ecommerce suite to personalize content in your store. Orchestrate and preview customer segment specific experiences using CoreMedia Studio.

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The Challenges of Branded Content in the All-Digital Era

Brands need to understand the complexities of their diverse customer base to consistently meet customer expectations. Delivering relevant content is a key piece of this.

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The Shopper Personality Guide

With the global growth of eCommerce and the pressure from online-only discounters, differentiating yourself online grows more challenging every day. The first step is to learn how to recognize — and satisfy — the demands of a range of online shopper personalities.

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Personalization Hub Connectors

Personalization Hub integrates with industry-leading AI- or machine learning-based personalization tools such as Salesforce Interaction Studio, Kibo Personalization, or Dynamic Yield. As a result, content creators can take advantage of automated audience segmentation recommendations and build hyper-personalized brand experiences with ease and at a global scale.

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