CoreMedia pioneers the smart, omnichannel approach to content management software, allowing for maximum flexibility, scalability, and extensibility. Our platform for industry-leaders features an intuitive editorial interface, unbeatable performance, deep integrations with eCommerce systems, and complete freedom of operation. Increase engagement, improve conversions, boost average order size, and monetize more channels — efficiently and cost effectively with CoreMedia. This is why CoreMedia is the best CMS for eCommerce.

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Master complexity

Success is about scale. Need to manage 40 brands on 500 sites, publish in 150 different countries in 50 languages on 20 social platforms, while using three different commerce systems? No problem. CoreMedia makes global content management a snap. CoreMedia provides a secure, extensible, and flexible technical foundation that combines the core strengths of a platform with the benefits of a solution.

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Embrace innovation

What if you could launch a thousand new landing pages in a day, repurpose content to respond to new social channels, or harness Artificial Intelligence to provide better recommendations for customers? With CoreMedia, you can. CoreMedia powers some of the world’s largest online properties — helping them innovate, master complex content environments, and get the most from online investments.

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Achieve agility

Update websites in seconds. React to market changes in real time. Relaunch an entire commerce system in just days. CoreMedia’s secure, modular architecture and open interfaces enable companies to iterate with greater speed and reduced costs. CoreMedia’s 100% Java-based platform includes a unique multi-level cache and a scalable NoSQL storage system to ensure more granular control over site performance.

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Ensure success

Don’t know CoreMedia? We’re the pioneers, the craftsmen, the team that takes you to new heights. We’re the fun-loving, rule-breaking, content management experts who are committed to your success. Our proven ability to deliver fast ROI and measurable results has helped us achieve an enviable customer retention rate and an unparalleled record of success. Got content? Let's get to know each other over a beer.

Global category leaders depend on CoreMedia to drive innovation and differentiation.

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