Complex projects require skilled people. So our professional trainers are ready to provide your team with the expertise to do their jobs with confidence. Our training courses, as well as our certification program, are tailored to the roles and responsibilities inherent in an enterprise Web CMS project. The CoreMedia Training Center provides a full range of courses to take you through every phase of your project. For your safety: due to the current COVID-19 situation we only offer live online training.

Training Program Picture

Training Program

Each course addresses practical scenarios and topics encountered by implementation professionals, whether trainers, developers, project managers or editors. Our training programs are tailored to meet the needs of particular profiles and the skills they require to successfully deliver.

Certification Program Picture

Certification Program

The CoreMedia Certification Program offers a comprehensive knowledge of our products and solutions and provides you with the opportunity to share, exchange, and discuss ideas with peers within your industry. A certificate is delivered at the end of the program confirming your expertise in CoreMedia.