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Helping global brands to become iconic since 1996, CoreMedia is committed to forging high-touch collaborations with category leaders across all industries – fashion, finance, media, manufacturing, and more. CoreMedia Content Cloud enables brands to do more with their content, create powerful digital experiences, and become an iconic global brand.

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Based in Hamburg, Germany with offices worldwide, CoreMedia is the strategic content management and experience orchestration engine behind today’s most iconic online brands. Leading global B2C companies (Deckers, Luxottica, PVH Corp, Finnair, Deutsche Telekom) and B2B firms (Continental, Claas, Emerson, DMG-Mori) create world-class digital experiences powered by CoreMedia.

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Managing Director

Sören Stamer CEO grey Picture
Sören Stamer

Sören Stamer is head ninja, top strategist, main innovation engine, and chief optimist of CoreMedia. Technically the company’s Managing Director leads the company’s vision: forward focused while acutely aware of today’s competitive climate.

Sören’s interest is in the power of massive networks to bring about massive change. A pioneering advocate of social media, he has contributed important thought leadership on web content strategy, digital rights management, and enterprise 2.0.

Along with a Master of Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) from the University of Hamburg, he has extensive startup and leadership experience, co-founding CoreMedia in 1996. He is passionate about early childhood education and solutions for society's challenges in the age of A.I.

Sören is an award-winning author, speaker, father of four fun kids, and a very happy husband (not as hard as it may sound, lol).

Management Team

Patrick Loekman

Patrick is a hands-on Operational CFO with a holistic view beyond the numbers. 

Before joining CoreMedia, Patrick worked as an Executive Director for a New York-based consulting firm specializing in supporting private equity and venture capital clients. He has a proven track record of transforming finance organizations at numerous portfolio companies across multiple industries.

Patrick is originally from Germany and has lived in the USA since 2004. He holds a BA in International Business from the European Business School in London and an MBA from Rice University.

Jeroen Blaas CRO
Jeroen Blaas

As CoreMedia's Chief Revenue Officer, Jeroen Blaas is responsible for managing all of CoreMedia’s global revenue generating functions including Sales, Pre-Sales, Partner Management and Customer Success. He is an experienced Sales and General Manager with a demonstrated history of successfully building winning teams in both the services and the software industry. He has a proven track record in building, leading and inspiring multi-disciplinary, award winning teams across Europe and North America.

Prior to joining CoreMedia, Jeroen has over 20 years of experience as an international leader and has held various leadership positions most recently at Yext, a SaaS marketing vendor where he led multiple regions before heading up Revenue Growth for their European business.

Prior to that he served as Vice President for tact.ai and CipherCloud where he established strong relationships with leading companies in the region. Combined with his deep market expertise, Jeroen has created winning teams that know how to put the business outcomes for their customers first.

Gretchen Nemechek, CMO Picture
Gretchen Nemechek

As CoreMedia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gretchen is responsible for global marketing strategy, corporate communications, brand, content, digital, and product marketing. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the Enterprise B2B software industry across all areas of Go-to-Market, having held leadership roles in marketing, sales enablement, product marketing, product management, business development, and channel management.  

Gretchen is an empathetic, growth-minded, and results-driven leader with a passion for developing not only strong and capable professionals, but also good humans. She is also committed to advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and the power of connected leadership. 

Prior to joining CoreMedia, Gretchen led Product Marketing and Sales Learning as SVP for SAP’s Customer Experience line of business.  

She is a proud Californian who now resides in Munich, Germany with her husband of more than 20 years, her daughter, and a very fluffy white Swiss Shepard.  

Jeroen Blaas CRO
Scott McFadin
General Manager, US

As US General Manager, McFadin is responsible developing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of CoreMedia’s U.S. organization and business development initiatives. Prior to joining CoreMedia, McFadin spent over a decade at enterprise software leaders such as Oracle and SAP, where he served as Vice President of Sales and executed new pipeline development programs that resulted in a pipeline growth of 179%. 

McFadin is a accomplished senior-level executive with a 20+ year track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership style that is results focused while putting customers and teams first, and with a passion for developing organizations with a purpose of delivering superior customer  outcomes  for  all  involved. 

Kartsten Reuter VP PS grey Picture
Karsten Reuter
SVP Operations & Infrastructure

Karsten Reuter heads the Operations & Infrastructure department of CoreMedia. 

Karsten joined CoreMedia in 2001 and managed a variety of projects for customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and ARD, among others. After establishing the U.S. Professional Services organization in San Francisco, he formed the e-Commerce Practice at CoreMedia and was responsible for implementing CoreMedia LiveContext for customers including Calvin Klein, Pandora, and Tommy Hilfiger. Prior to that, he worked for the Ponton European Media Art Lab on research projects related to Interactive TV, Virtual Reality, and SmartHome. 

In 2016 Karsten moved in product and headed the product management and UX team. He guided the transition from on-premises to a cloud solution and the continuous evolution of the product.

To improve business operations and better use the business data within the company in 2021 a new department Operations & Infrastructure was founded.

In 1996, Karsten Reuter earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe.

Auromita Bhadra, VP Product Management Picture
Auromita Bhadra
VP Product Management

Auromita has over 15 years of experience in the software industry that spans e-commerce, cybersecurity, production management, e-learning, financial solutions, and key strategic initiatives. 

Prior to CoreMedia, Auromita served in various product leadership roles at Cobalt, Wayfair, PSI AG, and Adobe, leading key initiatives for customer self-service, e-commerce operations, international expansion, integrated e-learning solutions respectively. Auromita started her career as a programmer at Fidelity Investments and Adobe. 

She holds a Masters's degree in Computer Applications from Bangalore University, India, and an MBA from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, USA.

An avid traveller Auromita enjoyed travelling in the pre-covid times, learning about different cultures.In her spare time she also enjoys teaching and mentoring in product management.

In 2020 Auromita published her first children’s book. 

She lives with her son and husband in Berlin, Germany.

Susanne Thielecke, VP Talents and Culture Picture
Susanne Thielecke
VP Talents and Culture

As global Vice President of Talents and Culture, Susanne Thielecke manages the end-to-end employee lifecycle and workplace culture for all CoreMedia’s global locations and is responsible for overseeing the company’s growth and development through innovative recruitment, employee development, and learning initiatives.

Thielecke is a respected author and expert on emerging models of work and employee culture. She brings over twenty years of experience as a human resources executive, consultant, and mentor for a wide range of global brands including SinnerSchrader and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Prior to joining CoreMedia, Thielecke spent over 15 years at Warner Brothers Entertainment where she served as HR Director for their teams in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Turkey. She is also the author of the book, Fit for New Work, which provides deep insights into the future of the global workplace including new forms of work such as home office or co-working.

Tobias Stadelmaier, VP Engineering grey Picture
Tobias Stadelmaier
VP Engineering

As VP Engineering, Tobias Stadelmaier leads CoreMedia’s engineering department, helping our highly motivated team of experts to develop great CoreMedia products. Responding swiftly to customer requirements and adapting nimbly to changes in the market, Tobias and his team are proud of their record of delivering customer-ready innovations.

Tobias started his career at CoreMedia in 2001 as a Technical Consultant and worked for three years as a Delivery / Engagement Manager and Product Owner. After a detour into the games industry as a Senior Product Owner, he returned to CoreMedia in Summer 2016.

Tobias Stadelmaier holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Bamberg, Germany.

Dirk Jovy, General Counsel Picture
Dirk Jovy
General Counsel

As General Counsel, Dirk is responsible for all legal tasks at CoreMedia. Dirk has more than 20 years of professional experience both as General Counsel, as a lawyer in his own law firm, and as Head of HR. He gained his professional experience at various software companies, both publicly listed eCommerce platform providers and start-up companies. His professional focus is on corporate law, employment law, software licensing law, and intellectual property law.

Dirk himself sees his task in enabling technical progress, accompanying it, protecting it, and sometimes defending it. As counsel in the software industry, it is necessary to understand the developers' language, listen, and constantly face new questions.

Dirk is married, father of two children, and lives with his family in Hamburg.

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