Composable commerce: What it is and why it matters

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Composable commerce is an oft-used term that has gained significant traction in the e-commerce industry in recent years. It is seen as the next evolution of the traditional monolithic e-commerce platform model, which has dominated the industry for over a decade. The term "composable commerce" refers to a new approach that enables businesses to leverage a flexible set of services, applications, and microservices that can be easily combined, configured, and reconfigured as needed to meet their specific business requirements.

Making the shift

At its core, composable commerce represents a fundamental shift in how businesses approach their e-commerce technology infrastructure. Rather than relying on a single platform that attempts to provide all the necessary features and functionalities, composable commerce allows businesses to take a modular approach, breaking down their e-commerce systems into a set of smaller, reusable building blocks that can be combined as needed.

A number of benefits

The benefits of composable commerce are numerous:

  • Provides businesses with greater flexibility and agility, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Brands can easily introduce new ways of interacting with customers and create fast, high-performing digital storefronts, add or remove touchpoints, and customize customer journeys to suit their needs.
  • Allows business to leverage the best-of-breed technologies and services that are available in the market, rather than being limited to the capabilities of a single platform.
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership by enabling businesses to only pay for the services they need, rather than being locked into expensive licensing and maintenance fees for a full-featured monolithic platform.


Composable commerce also enables businesses to take a more customer-centric approach to e-commerce. By breaking down their e-commerce systems into smaller, more manageable components, businesses can focus on delivering the best possible customer experience at every touchpoint. This approach enables businesses to quickly iterate and experiment with different features and functionality, enabling them to continuously improve the customer experience over time. As a result, composable commerce has become increasingly important for enterprise-level businesses due to the need for agility, scalability, and personalization. According to Gartner, by 2023, 80% of organizations will have migrated away from their current e-commerce platform and moved toward a composable approach.

Hybrid Headless functionality 

By leveraging a flexible set of services and applications that can be easily combined, configured, and reconfigured as needed, businesses can adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs, while also reducing the total cost of ownership. CoreMedia's unique hybrid headless solution is the perfect fit for managing the complexity of composable commerce architecture. CoreMedia Content Cloud combines the power of headless commerce with the ease of use of a traditional CMS. This allows businesses to leverage the benefits of both approaches without the complexity and risk of managing multiple systems. This solution also provides advanced content management capabilities, which are critical for delivering rich and engaging experiences across all channels.

Stay ahead of the curve

With CoreMedia, businesses can easily manage their e-commerce content and experiences, while also leveraging the flexibility and scalability of a composable commerce architecture. Schedule a demo today.

Stage 1: Fragmented: Multiple Channels

You’re a digital dinosaur!

You have a beautiful website, but with fragmented digital experiences, you run the risk of extinction.

It’s time to evolve.

Your audiences want a seamless experience, no matter what's happening behind the scenes. When your experience is different or difficult, it’s important to start with the basics, such as cultivating a holistic approach to online digital experiences. Realign your teams, platforms, processes, goals, and metrics around a comprehensive view of the online experience. Focus on the end-to-end customer journey cutting across channels, desktop and mobile.

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Stage 2: Integrated: Multiple channels

You’re a fish!

Signs of exciting life are starting to form. Your DX is responsive and adaptive but it’s not quite personalized yet.

Keep swimming!

The integration of your brand content across every touchpoint (website, online store, social media, emails, apps, point of sale) creates immersive experiences. These flagship sites combine content-rich brand experiences with immediate conversion capabilities. Business teams and marketing are closely aligned. However, while the digital experience is responsive and adaptive, it’s not yet personalized.

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Stage 3: Instant: Global expansion

You’re a crocodile!

You’re taking it global. Speed and scalability are key and just like a crocodile, you’re fast…but you’re clumsy.

Oh snap!

In this stage, the online digital experience becomes completely dynamic. You need content that is global, yet relevant, with plenty of local insights: Who is the user? Are they using a mobile phone? Is it raining where they are? Is it snowing? If it is, maybe they need warm, waterproof boots. All of this contextualized information creates a better user experience. With one global orchestration, you’re able to adapt everything, in whatever country or language you choose – while keeping turnaround times low. So keep evolving.

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Stage 4: Dynamic: Real time personalization

You’re a lion!

You’re reaching more customers in more countries and languages than ever before, and now you’re finally hunting and collecting info with precision.

But you can do more to keep your brand roaring!

As you graduate to the Instant level, you’re able to rapidly update everything - not just in one language and for one country, but in 20 languages and for 100 countries. Speed and scalability are key, driven by the need to roll out global campaigns in all languages and all touchpoints and make updates in minutes or hours, not weeks. But there’s still more to do to reach nirvana.

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Stage 5: Immersive: Elevated experiences

You’re Captain Content!

You’ve done it! You have opposable thumbs AND you’re saving the world with your seamless, elevated customer experiences.

You're a superhero in the digital space.

Your digital world and your physical world are blending together in the most complementary way possible. When shoppers visit your store, they’ll be greeted with their pre-selected products. Language changes dynamically depending on country of origin – it's like the whole store was set up just for your one specific customer.

In this final stage, your customer experience is truly immersive and superior, and your flagship store merges your physical and digital world into one, with a truly personalized individual experience.

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