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Leveraging ChatGPT to drive impact with CoreMedia Content Cloud

A few months ago, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public. The hugely popular chatbot is based on GPT-3, a combination of various deep learning language models. Since then, the topic of AI continues to steadily gain attention.

The big question is: why are AI-powered services like ChatGPT relevant for businesses using a digital experience platform, such as CoreMedia Content Cloud? What provides the tangible business value next to all the general hype about this fascinating technology? And how does it all fit into CoreMedia Content Cloud?

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Oliver Heyden

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Siteimprove partners with CoreMedia for even greater website efficiency

KOPENHAGEN, DENMARK & HAMBURG, GERMANY (March 1, 2018) - Siteimprove, a global software company that helps companies manage and deliver their websites, today announced its partnership with CoreMedia. CoreMedia is the leading provider of high-end content management for brands and retailers.

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