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NRF 2023

Our takeaways from NRF 2023: the future of technology in retail

Last week, we attended one of the most anticipated trade shows in the retail industry, hosted by The National Retail Federation (NRF) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. NRF 2023 featured a large number of sessions, speakers, and networking opportunities, to discuss the latest trends in the retail industry across a variety of topics, focusing on digital transformation and the omnichannel customer experience. Here are our key takeaways: 

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Ulrike Heidler

OMR 2022

CoreMedia Joins Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR22) Event in Hamburg

CoreMedia CEO and co-founder Sören Stamer shared his wisdom on creating iconic digital experiences with marketers and merchandisers at the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) festival in Hamburg on May 17.

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Mimi Moore

Shopping Experience Virtual

How to Elevate Your Digital Business in a World of Flux

Is it just me or is there a new buzzword every year? I remember when AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) were the “it” buzzwords of the time. Fast forward to 2022, the new buzzwords seem to be Metaverse and Blockchain. If this has taught us anything, it’s that our world is in a constant state of flux.


Rita Das

Women Feedback

The Challenges of Branded Content in the All-Digital Era

Customer experience (CX) has taken on an increasingly important role in today’s digital commerce era. CoreMedia's VP Cloud Solutions, Uwe Fricke, provides insights into the current state of CX and branded content.

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Uwe Fricke

Man Mask IPad

Doubling Down on Digital

Unprecedented – That’s the word being used to describe the jarring scenes taking place around the world. Deserted cityscapes. Plummeting markets and skyrocketing unemployment. Hospital ICUs overflowing with critically ill patients. It all feels like something out of an episode of “Black Mirror” or “The Twilight Zone.”

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Don Hoffman

Transformation Butterfly

The Business of Transformation Interview Series: Mark Power, co-author of "Amazon for CMOs"

As someone who partners with organizations around the world, I’ve decided to take that opportunity to talk to today’s top leaders about their experience with business transformation: How they’ve transformed their organizations and how they see the business priorities in their industries changing in the future. This is the idea behind this interview series, “The Business of Transformation.”


Ben Mooney

Dmexco 2019 Discussion

Does Digital Transformation Really Happen Faster in the US?

I recently got back from DMEXCO – Europe's top trade show for digital marketing – where I had the chance to chat with top experts in the field.

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Knud Kegel


Recommended Read #2: Small is the New Big

The modern multichannel shopper has high expectations for online interactions. A sale can be won or lost in a split second, and the landscape is constantly changing. Innovative sellers are recognizing that the slow, monolithic architectures of the past are a poor match for the swiftly evolving world of online commerce.

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Doug Heise

Digital Whiteboard Marker Shapes

A Mid-Year Checkpoint

We’re almost at the mid-point of 2018. That may seem like an odd time to look at industry trends. Analyst firms typically do that at the end of a calendar year, making their predictions and prognostications for the next twelve months bounded by January and December. But we live in business times of rapid technology change and the constant ratcheting up of expectations on the part of customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders. Leaders and practitioners need pulse points on customer experience more than once a year to guide their assessments of work-in-progress and make course corrections if necessary.

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Connie Moore

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