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Navigating the New World of Virtual Customer Experiences

With the world still in the grip of a global pandemic, it’s clear that life as we know it has drastically changed. Covid-19 now looks like it will be with us for a long time. And the implications for the business world are only just starting to become clear.


Rita Das


Why Reliability Counts

In an unprecedented development… That's how so many news stories start these days, with every one a reminder of just how fast change can come — and how dramatically. And so many assumptions about the world previously considered safe or essential no longer hold true.

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Crystal Ball

Stop Watching the Crystal Ball

Marketers, listen up. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible conversion rates on our website, right? So we know a good user experience is crucial. We also know that relevant content improves the user experience, and that by better appealing to our target audience we can increase conversions.

Sigrid Werner Picture

Sigrid Werner


CoreMedia Goes Spartacus

For some time, “headless” has been the hottest trend in Content Management Systems (CMS). And for a very good reason. A headless architecture allows enterprises to separate content data from the frontend display, splitting up the frontend and backend, and therefore paving the way for an agile, microservice-based architecture.

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Philip Hemtenmacher

Commercetools Rocket

Integrating Commercetools with CoreMedia Content Cloud

Over the last few years, CoreMedia Content Cloud has integrated with every major eCommerce system on the market. Some of these are delivered as a bundled product (including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud and HCL Commerce) while others are implemented on a project level (including Elastic Path, Magento, Spryker and a variety of homegrown systems).

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Philipp Hofmann

Painting robots

A Headless Love Triangle

For retailers around the world, having a dynamic virtual storefront is essential. Especially so during these days of lockdown, when online has been the only way brands can sell. And just like with brick-and-mortar stores, the presentation of products is a key factor in the buying decision. So it makes good sense that brands are looking at the best way to revamp their stores with both a functional and visually appealing frontend.

Bill with Mask

Spend Smart to Avoid the Replatforming Trap

This is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop innovating. The key is to avoid the expensive trap of replatforming and focus on smart spend strategies for innovation instead.

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Doug Heise

Headless Person

Going Headless: Understanding the Basics in CoreMedia Content Cloud

With the release of Content Cloud 10, CoreMedia now natively delivers content in a headless fashion via GraphQL. But what is GraphQL and how exactly is it used to fetch content from CoreMedia? This blog post explains everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. So, why headless?

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Sascha Leyer

Multi Language

Brands Communicate in Multiple Languages Simultaneously and Governments Must Do the Same to Save Lives

Imagine you run a major country and a pandemic hits. You move quickly and assemble the right experts. They develop a detailed plan for responding and you get all government agencies aligned. Then it’s time to instruct and convince the public. You give a convincing and honest speech on prime time TV. Newspapers report it and your call to action is trending on social media. To make sure citizens can find all necessary information, you provide a comprehensive digital guide, an app and multiple websites.

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Sören Stamer

Mask Subway

CoreMedia Customers on the Front Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the global business landscape. Virtually overnight, nations around the world have closed shops and restaurants, curtailing every activity not considered “essential.”

And the impact on the world’s economy has been seismic. In the last few weeks alone, with millions of people around the world “sheltering in place,” more than 22 million American workers have filed for unemployment.

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Doug Heise

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