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CoreMedia Europe moves into the Klöpperhaus: Hello hybrid Work!

There could hardly have been a better way to summarize how CoreMedia envisions the future of coworking in the headoffice than here in the German real estate DEAL Magazine: "Together, they developed a concept to significantly reduce the previous office space of approximately 2,400 m² in the future and to adapt it to the current needs of modern working environments of the software development company. In the future, the combination of coworking and the company's own office space will ensure that each of the employees has a place in the office, provided they choose not to work in a home office."

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Susanne Thielecke, VP Talents and Culture Picture

Susanne Thielecke

Crystal Ball

The Next New Normal

Over the past year, the world threw us a curveball. What we once saw as normal shifted drastically, from social distancing to more and more employers allowing their staff to work from home. When the pandemic first hit last year, we went into a state of shock that resulted in the world basically shutting down. No cars in the streets, everybody was mandated to stay home, and there was talk about sending the National Guard to certain cities.

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Rita Das

Mask Subway

CoreMedia Customers on the Front Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the global business landscape. Virtually overnight, nations around the world have closed shops and restaurants, curtailing every activity not considered “essential.”

And the impact on the world’s economy has been seismic. In the last few weeks alone, with millions of people around the world “sheltering in place,” more than 22 million American workers have filed for unemployment.

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Doug Heise

Dmexco 2019 Discussion

Does Digital Transformation Really Happen Faster in the US?

I recently got back from DMEXCO – Europe's top trade show for digital marketing – where I had the chance to chat with top experts in the field.

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Knud Kegel

Chess King

The King is Dead - Long Live the King

"Content is King" is a popular Bill Gates quote from 1996. Recently, I stumbled across an interesting article. It claimed that this quote is outdated and that you can replace content with contact: "Contact is King". The article dealt with the increasing importance of mobile communication and social media. There, the focus was clearly no longer on content.

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Sigrid Werner Picture

Sigrid Werner

Demonstration for the Web

Why CoreMedia signed the Contract for the Web

When the man who invented the World Wide Web announces that the Internet is broken, people pay attention. Tim Berners-Lee’s new #ForTheWeb initiative has the potential to transform the way we use the web. And here at CoreMedia, we're excited to help make that happen.

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Knud Kegel

Team Success

10 Elements of Successful IT Projects

Why do so many digital projects fail? Surprisingly, the reason often has less to do with inadequate technology or tight budgets, and more with lack of planning, poor communication, or simply having the wrong attitude.
Through my work as an IT consultant, I’ve worked on many digital projects and I’ve identified the top ten factors that help teams achieve project goals on time and on budget.

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Timmo Köhler

Salesforce Logo

Learnings from Salesforce Connections 2018

For three days the halls were full of happy faces. Around 8.000 customers and partner plus 2.000 Salesforce employees shared many smiles. They might have been inspired by the huge banners featuring smiling client executives from Adidas, Ticketmaster and others everywhere. Anyway, the place was very much alive and full of a winning attitude.

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Sören Stamer


CoreMedia Hackathon “The Future of Commerce” – The Origin of a Theme

At this year’s NRF Big Show in New York City, I noticed a significant change compared to the year before. The overall mood within the Retail industry felt more upbeat than in 2017. Retail and brand executives seemed committed to embrace change and more determined to play an active role in shaping the future of the industry.

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Sören Stamer

Maven Box

The Maven Box - An Arduino Controller for Developers

As a software developer, you sometimes want to grep some tools and build some "real" hardware. If you can implement the software for this hardware on your own - even better!

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Matthias Faust

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