Transportation and Logistics

Give Customers a Smooth Journey — Online and Off

From mobile ticketing apps to real-time shipment tracking, customers are looking for easier ways to interact with transportation and logistics companies. Give them the experiences they crave with CoreMedia Content Cloud—where you can manage content, data, and integrated commerce all in one platform.

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Make Every Experience Effortless

Tracking the movement of people and goods is a complex process. Customers expect immediate updates, low-cost services and smooth transactions. At the same time, your teams need to work as efficiently as possible. Get the best of both worlds with CoreMedia Content Cloud.


Turn Data into Value

People interact with your brand in different ways. And each time they do, you collect data that can make their next experience even better. But you can’t get the insights you need if that data is scattered across siloed systems. CoreMedia Content Cloud helps you connect the dots so you can better understand and meet the needs of your audience—all while maintaining data privacy and security.   


Connect Your Content and Commerce

Whether you’re transforming an analog ticketing system or offering contactless payments, CoreMedia is here to help. With pre-built eCommerce integrations and automatic translation of purchase and destination instructions, you can seamlessly bring content and commerce together for smooth, accessible transactions across multiple sites and languages.  

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Keep Your Tech-Stack Flexible

When it comes to digital experiences, you need to be ready to meet changing customer preferences and behaviors on a dime. That means making sure all your systems work smoothly together—all the time. With CoreMedia Content Cloud, you can easily integrate with your marketing automation, eCommerce, CRM or other legacy systems to deliver the relevant experiences customer expect.

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