Content Cloud for Retail

Take the lead in the race to digital experiences.

Customer buying habits—and their expectations—are changing faster than ever before. And retailers have to keep up. CoreMedia Content Cloud moves you ahead of the pack by giving you the power to update and publish content at a moment’s notice, easily manage assets across the enterprise, and launch campaigns more efficiently across regions, languages and brands.

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Lay your eCommerce foundation.

While brick-and-mortar stores remain an important channel, consumers also expect retailers to offer engaging digital experiences. But without the right content, your commerce can fall flat. That’s why you need a CMS that not only allows you to easily access assets directly from your product catalog, but integrates smoothly with your eCommerce platform—even if it’s homegrown.


Create once, use everywhere.

From web and mobile apps to digital signage and point-of-sale displays, marketers are challenged with publishing more content over a growing number of channels. With CoreMedia Content Cloud, you can create content once, and publish consistent, personalized experiences across every channel, device and region—without a call to IT. Which means higher productivity with less effort.

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Future-proof your digital experiences.

You know where you want to take your retail business. But if your current tech stack doesn’t measure up, your competitors will pass you by. Extend your technology investment and reduce complexity by integrating legacy and best-of-breed systems with a scalable, future-proof digital experience platform (DXP). So you can meet customer expectations today, and every day.

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Move at the speed of culture.

The pace of the retail world shows no sign of slowing. That’s why now’s the time to invest in the tools that keep your teams agile and growing. With one central location to manage content and assets, the ability to easily manage and share content across regions, and the flexibility to integrate with existing systems, you can keep the right experiences flowing exactly when customers expect them.

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Luxury Retail Infographic

Luxury retail is all about connecting with customers through high-end, exclusive experiences. Download our infographic and learn how to make deeper connections with customers through unique, memorable digital experiences.

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Learn how to launch dynamic digital experiences in as little as eight weeks.

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