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Reimagine the healthcare experience.

Health and wellness has taken center stage. As consumers become more proactive in their care, they want easy access to the latest medical advice, products and services. They expect digital treatment and payment options to keep them safe and their data secure. And they want every interaction to be more engaging and relevant than the last. Take digital healthcare to new heights with CoreMedia.


Make every experience exceptional.

Patients and consumers want personalized healthcare—whether they’re consulting with a doctor or buying wellness products. But before you can deliver what they want, you have to know who they are. Get the complete picture with CoreMedia Content Cloud. By uniting customer preference and behavioral data across systems, you can create unique, memorable experiences that build long-term loyalty.

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Engage consumers wherever they are.

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to healthcare. Virtual consultations, mobile apps and connected healthcare devices offer patients convenience while helping providers gather the data they need to create the next best experience. Keep consumers engaged at every turn by combining rich content with convenient eCommerce options and smooth data exchange.

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Elevate eCommerce experiences.

From healthcare providers and consumer brands to start-up innovators and retailers, companies are looking for the best ways to offer their products and services online. Stand out from the competition with CoreMedia. We can help you deliver a wide range of media-rich healthcare services that blend personalized healthcare information with recommended products and services.

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Reduce your time-to-web.

The time is now to make the shift to digital healthcare. Launch online experiences faster with CoreMedia Content Cloud. APIs and integrations make it easy to integrate with your existing technology—including legacy systems—while automatic translation and localization capabilities keep your content teams more productive.  

Learn how healthcare providers, retailers and other organizations can deliver better health and wellness experiences with help from CoreMedia.

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