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Introducing the CoreMedia Studio Chat Bot

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AI Based Product Suggestions

Intelligent Image Tagging

Gain a deeper understanding of your content - instantly. An AI-assisted CMS like CoreMedia can automatically learn about your content and its potential uses. It can gauge tone and perform a semantic analysis of text. In this example, we show how Images can be scanned for specific attributes which in return yields better metadata and better personalization.

AI Based Product Suggestions

Assisted Landingpage Creation

Revolutionize the editorial experience with AI assisted content creation. If a machine can analyze content to extract metadata, why not go one step further and generate text - or even an entire landing page - from a few keywords or examples. With CoreMedia, you can.

AI Based Shopping Suggestions

Smart Product Recommendations for Shoppers

Learn how to revolutionize the online shopping experience by allowing your customers to harness the power of machine learning and AI to find products that align with their interests and always on trend.