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Achieving Measurable Business Results for Your Brand

In this third and final post, I want to analyze the strategic business benefits of sophisticated content and experience management for global brands. Because when combined, these can have a major impact on a brand’s ability to compete effectively.

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Sören Stamer

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Why Your Brand Needs Best-of-Breed Marketing Tech

The first post in this three part series focused on the origin of CoreMedia Content Cloud and the ways it empowers brands to orchestrate iconic experiences at scale. In this second post, I want to dive deeper into the technology behind it.

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Sören Stamer

Experience Lights Time

What Do Iconic Experiences Require?

Here at CoreMedia, we’re proud of our product, our employees and - most of all - our clients. We believe that we have a truly unique set of technologies that allow our clients to differentiate and become global leaders in their respective markets.

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Sören Stamer

International Commerce

Internationalization in eCommerce

Thanks to the sweeping success of the Internet and its rapid technical development, virtual travel around the globe is now only a few mouse clicks or screen touches away. We communicate in real time with people from the farthest corners of the globe on a daily basis and are constantly expanding our horizons both scientifically and personally.

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Georgius Tsouknidis

Next Step

Why Your Brand Deserves the Best, and Then Some

Today, a brand’s value is more than just an image or reputation, it’s a sum of experiences and interactions that happen each and every second all around the globe. And for many companies, their brand is already their most valuable asset.

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Sören Stamer

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How Can Automated Tag-Driven Experience Management Help Me?

What is Automated Tag-Driven Experience Management? What is it good for?

In a nutshell, it’s about the power of metadata tagging and enabling smart, personalized customer experiences to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. But what does this mean, exactly? We will explore this in detail by presenting several out-of-the-box and custom use cases that leverage CoreMedia Content Cloud.

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Oliver Heyden

Crystal Ball

The Next New Normal

Over the past year, the world threw us a curveball. What we once saw as normal shifted drastically, from social distancing to more and more employers allowing their staff to work from home. When the pandemic first hit last year, we went into a state of shock that resulted in the world basically shutting down. No cars in the streets, everybody was mandated to stay home, and there was talk about sending the National Guard to certain cities.

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Rita Das

Breaking Chains

Breaking the Chains of Personalization

Personalization is a powerful tool to help your customers to find their relevant content quickly and efficiently. But what is the relevant content? This conclusion is often drawn by contextual and historic data of the customer.

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Ulrike Heidler

What's your story

9 Storytelling Tips That Will Supercharge Your Video Content

Creating video content is an excellent way of engaging customers and standing out from the crowd. But when making videos, they need to do more than just talk about products or follow video marketing trends. They need to tell a story. Doing this can make the difference between creating an engaging video and one that is simply ignored.

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Victorio Duran III

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What's New in CoreMedia Content Cloud, v10.2107.1

It's that time again. As you know, CoreMedia is committed to the principle of continuous innovation. CoreMedia Content Cloud is enhanced by a series of Agile Enhancement Packs (AEP), which provide additional functionality to the major product release.

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Doug Heise

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