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7 Challenges Intro

Content is critical in eCommerce, but mastering it involves a host of challenges – from optimizing for mobile and organizing digital assets to managing multilanguage campaigns and integrating with commerce platforms. Do you have the right tools?

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Global Commerce is Getting More Complex

The world of commerce is complicated and the pace of change will only accelerate. Personalization is becoming an essential part of the eCommerce experience, as well as an important element to monitor as digital privacy laws proliferate. Scale and agility are essential: Can you launch a new microsite in one day, or handle translation workflows for new global campaigns? AI will soon be a key differentiator, too. Is your brand ready?

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Do You Have the Right Technology Partner?

At CoreMedia, we know the key to online success is the ability to provide a compelling customer experience – delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. And to do that, brands need the right tools, configured the right way, and in line with the right vision. That's why we're devoted to creating content management solutions for the long-term. Let's talk: What challenges does your business have?