CoreMedia Hubs for Developers

CoreMedia Hubs for Developers

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During the 2019 CoreMedia Developer Conference, Senior Software Architect Frank Wienberg spoke about how to use the new CoreMedia Hubs APIs to easily extend CoreMedia Content Cloud with third-party system integrations.

With CoreMedia Hubs, developers have access to standardized APIs that provide a singular extension point, which provides not just pure backend data integration capabilities but also exposes the integrated data automatically in the familiar CoreMedia Studio interface to marketers, merchandisers and other business users – all without any extra coding.

Frank uses the CoreMedia Content Hub as an example, where business users can easily browse content in other repositories such as external digital asset management systems, YouTube, RSS feeds, Dropbox folders, Amazon S3 buckets, or even other CoreMedia Content Cloud systems.

Other available Hubs include the Commerce Hubs for leading eCommerce systems (such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, IBM Watson Commerce, commercetools, Elastic Path and Spryker) as well as "homegrown" proprietary commerce systems.

And the Content Feedback Hub provides real-time integrations with SEO optimization tools and content quality checkers.

Watch the talk on Youtube to learn more about the CoreMedia Hubs concept and get all the details.

You can also find detailed technical information on the CoreMedia Labs Page.

How will you use CoreMedia Hubs to integrate your systems? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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