Personalized Experiences

Delight your customers with highly relevant personalized experiences for each individual moment. Provide the right content at the right time in the right language and design. 

CoreMedia Content Cloud empowers marketers to seamlessly integrate inspiring visual content, various context sources, and direct commerce functionality. Design, preview, and launch contextual experiences across multiple channels right from your desktop with CoreMedia Studio.

Orchestrate customer data from a wide variety of sources to create hyper-personalized experiences.

Simulate customer experiences based on identity, region, device, language, browsing history, and more. Integrate data from all available sources including eCommerce, Marketing, and CRM tools.

Create Real-Time, Hyper-Personalized Experiences that Convert

Instant Personalization Preview

"I struggle to create personalized experiences for my different target groups."

Marketer, Onichannel Retailer

CoreMedia Content Cloud helps you by offering our Contextual Preview, in which you can simulate User Personas, Date & Time, Devices, and other factors such as Weather, etc. Preview and test the visitor journey through the eyes of your user – all in one place on your desktop: CoreMedia Studio

Shoppable Content with Personalized Pricing

I want to create shoppable campaign content with more personalized offers to my shoppers. But my current eCommerce system is cumbersome and forces me to copy & paste HTML.

Marketer, Omnichannel Retailer

CoreMedia Content Cloud lets you easily add products to content - including images, banners, stories, and blog posts - via simple drag & drop. And since all pricing data is retrieved in real-time with inventory-awareness,  you can easily display personalized pricing promotions to your shoppers.

Omnichannel Personalization Preview on Desktop

"I need to ensure that personalized campaigns look great on every channel and device."

Marketer, Omnichannel Retailer

CoreMedia Studio provides you with an embedded responsive preview, which means you can swipe various, different device formats to ensure your content looks good on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Simulate Omnichannel outputs like single-page apps, in-store kiosks, billboard displays, and more.

Orchestrate Experiences Across Diverse Systems

I find it hard to create content for my existing user segments since I need to copy & paste the content into my marketing automation tool.

Marketer, Omnichannel Retailer
eCommerce Segments

CoreMedia Content Cloud connects in real-time to your CRM, marketing automation, or eCommerce systems, allowing you to re-use existing user segments to create better-targeted content.

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