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CoreMedia's flexible hubs architecture lets you connect with various third-party best-of-breed solutions via pre-built connectors from CoreMedia and its partners.

All hubs and connectors integrate deeply with CoreMedia Studio, our efficient and intuitive User Interface that lets you access data and content from multiple repositories and effortlessly combines them to create great user experiences. As a result, your team no longer needs to switch between various tools and learn new UIs to take advantage of best-of-breed third-party solutions. Instead, they can focus on being creative and driving the business.

Thanks to the fast-growing catalog of pre-fabricated connectors, time-consuming and expensive integration projects are a thing of the past. Pick and choose from our pre-built connectors for personalization, experience optimization, e-commerce, third-party content, and asset repositories and benefit from a transparent total cost of ownership and a fast turnaround. 

There Is a Hub for Everything


E-Commerce Hub

Content Cloud's E-Commerce Hub connects to industry-leading e-commerce systems like Salesforce Commerce B2B and Salesforce Commerce B2C, SAP Commerce, HCL Commerce, commercetools, Elastic Path, and Spryker Commerce OS.

Products, product categories, promotions, customer segments, etc., are immediately accessible as first-tier citizens in Studio and can be used in the omnichannel experience orchestration like any other content or asset item.

Augment products and categories with rich media assets such as banners, shoppable videos, or brochures. Create, preview, and optimize engaging consumer experiences in real-time, tell your story around your products, and take your business to the next level.


Personalization Hub

Customer experience can make or break a brand's advantage. Iconic brands understand and provide a unique experience that is tailored to resonate with their clients.

CoreMedia's Personalization Hub empowers business users to personalize the consumer experience and test drive and optimize it in real-time using an integrated persona-based preview. There are no limitations in the number and kind of contexts that can be evaluated to customize the experience.

In addition, Personalization Hub integrates with industry-leading AI- or machine learning-based personalization tools such as Evergage, Kibo Personalization, or Dynamic Yield through pre-fabricated connectors.

As a result, content creators can take advantage of automated audience segmentation, recommendations and build hyper-personalized brand experiences with ease and at a global scale.

Content Hub_pp

Content Hub

CoreMedia's Content Hub is the easiest way to connect ContentCloud with third-party content repositories thanks to our pre-built connectors that deeply integrate with CoreMedia Studio and Content Cloud's dynamic delivery. As a result, there is no need to switch between tools or learn a new UI. 

Access all your content and rich media assets stored in repositories such as CloudinaryDropBox, your YouTube video collection, or even additional Content Cloud content repositories conveniently from within CoreMedia Studio and build engaging and converting experiences for your customers.

siteimprove connector_pp

Experience Feedback Hub

CoreMedia's Editor Feedback Hub provides real-time insights and optimization recommendations for the business user by connecting with content-optimization systems, such as SearchmetricsSiteimprove, or Acrolinx.

Optimize your content for SEO, ensure a consistent language across all your digital marketing communications, and gain real-time insights on which content resonates best with your audience and drives conversion.

social media hub_pp

Social Media Hub

CoreMedia’s Social Media Hub integrates social networks into the CoreMedia Studio. As a result, business users can conveniently publish their content and rich digital assets directly to various social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram.

Orchestrate, manage, and coordinate your social media campaigns in concert with your other digital marketing channels to streamline content creation and enjoy a fast turnaround.


Custom Development Support

Content Cloud's open, mature, and well-documented Hub APIs empower our customers, agencies, and system integrators to quickly build integrations with, e.g., existing legacy systems or a 3rd-party platform. This helps to shorten development time, reduce cost, and optimizes the ROI.

Featured Connectors

We at CoreMedia are proud of our fast-growing catalog of Connectors built by us and our partners. Browse through the list of our featured connectors.

CoreMedia Partner Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B

Leverage powerful, easy experience orchestration by integrating the CoreMedia Content Cloud CMS with Salesforce Commerce B2B. Create iconic B2B experiences across channels and devices.

CoreMedia Partner Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Your customers expect innovative eCommerce experiences everywhere. This is, in particular, true for the B2C retail industry. CoreMedia Content Cloud provides the "missing piece" for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

SAP Hybris Logo

SAP Commerce Cloud

Build next-generation storefronts and content-rich, shoppable brand sites. Blend real-time product information with multimedia marketing content to deliver consistent product messages anywhere.

CoreMedia Partner commercetools


Content Cloud provides the perfect complement to commercetools. Easily manage all your digital assets and enrich your product display. Build next-generation storefronts and content-rich, shoppable brand sites.

CoreMedia Partner Elastic Path

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a pioneer of headless, API-oriented commerce solutions for enterprises. CoreMedia Content Cloud provides the perfect complement to Elastic Path. Build next-generation storefronts and content-rich, shoppable brand sites with ease.

HCL Commerce Logo

HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce offers a competitive advantage with AI-powered insights, a cloud-ready environment, and major architectural enhancements. CoreMedia Content Cloud provides the "missing piece" to build next-generation storefronts and contentrich, shoppable brand sites that will take your business to the next level.

CoreMedia Partner Spryker Logo

Spryker Commerce OS

Content Cloud provides the perfect complement to Spryker Commerce OS. Easily manage all your digital assets and enrich your product display. Build next-generation storefronts and content-rich, shoppable brand sites that convince customers and drive growth.


Homegrown Commerce Solutions

You’ve put work into your homegrown commerce system, but is it flexible enough to accommodate your content needs in the future? CoreMedia Content Cloud enables any company to transform their online stores and product catalogs with visually engaging and immersive content.

Partner Acrolinx Logo Picture

Acrolinx Connector

Acrolinx is an AI-powered content governance solution that helps companies to improve the clarity, performance, consistency, and compliance of their online content. Accessible directly from within the CoreMedia Feedback Hub, the Acrolinx Sidebar provides valuable suggestions on how creators can optimize their content.

Labs - Content Hub Cloudinary Image

Cloudinary Connector

The Cloudinary extension provides access to the content of a Cloudinary repository via configuration. Content stored in Cloudinary is available as an additional tree inside CoreMedia Studio.

Labs - Content Hub Dropbox Image

Dropbox Connector

The Dropbox plug-in allows access to any content in a Dropbox folder. Browse through your Dropbox folder conveniently from within Studio.

MicrosoftTeams-image (24)

Dynamic Yield Connector

Testing content and targeting the perfect audience has become super easy in CoreMedia Studio thanks to our latest integration with Dynamic Yield.

Create and manage segments to offer customers content tailored to their needs or find out which content resonates best with Dynamic Yield testing capabilities - conveniently done in the CoreMedia Studio.

MicrosoftTeams-image (34)

Evergage Personalization Connector

Boost the performance of your shop or website by leveraging the testing, optimization, and targeting capabilities of Evergage's real-time personalization and customer data platform. Create experiences and segmented content in CoreMedia Studio and connect them to experiences and variants in Evergage to make data-driven decisions.

MicrosoftTeams-image (25)

Kibo Personalization Connector

Integrating Kibo Personalization with CoreMedia enables content creators to use Kibo’s advanced technology to personalize, target, and test content in an easy way to build a whole new customer experience. Create and manage segmented content and experiences in CoreMedia Studio and connect them to Kibo for optimized and personalized delivery.

MicrosoftTeams-image (26)

Searchmetrics Connector

The Searchmetrics Connector integrates Searchmetrics SEO and content marketing briefings into the CoreMedia Studio to provide editors with suggestions on how to improve SEO performance or their articles and other textual content. This Feedback Hub Adapter is implemented as a Blueprint extension.

MicrosoftTeams-image (27)

Siteimprove Connector

This plugin makes the power of Siteimprove available in CoreMedia Studio. It provides real-time access to data and insights from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, making it super easy for content creators to optimize their site's performance by assuring content quality, SEO, web analytics, and compliance with accessibility guidelines.

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