Experience Orchestration

In order to stay ahead of their competitors, brands need to be able to provide holistic customer experiences that are highly personalized, completely connected and based on empathy. To do this, they need a natural, frictionless editorial environment that allows them to publish faster and with greater confidence - and without relying too much on IT – and to optimize the experience at every stage.

CoreMedia Studio – which consists of both a Content Application and a Workflow Application – is a pluggable and extensible user interface that enables marketers and merchandisers to create and collaborate in delivering visually engaging experiences quickly.

Manage content efficiently for all digital channels.

Flexible Design and Layout Elements

Editorial teams need to have complete creative control over the entire customer journey – quickly and easily.

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Access a range of visually appealing layout options and a comprehensive catalog of design elements – including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, image maps, shoppable videos, photo galleries, and more.

Complete Ecosystem Access

Having to juggle multiple interfaces to find the content and data that customers need is tedious, time-consuming, and confusing

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Editors can directly browse and select content and associated metadata from multiple 3rd party repositories (including eCommerce, Marketing, Personalization, and external DAM systems).

Dynamic Previews

To publish with confidence, editors need to know exactly what their content will look like at any time and every context.

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CoreMedia Content Cloud helps you by offering our Contextual Preview, in which you can simulate User Personas, Date & Time, Devices, and other factors such as Weather, etc. Preview and test the visitor journey through the eyes of your user – all in one place on your desktop: CoreMedia Studio.

Manage high quality digital master assets.

Asset and Rights Management

Brands need a centralized content repository that holds all their digital assets in high resolution so they can be repurposed for any channel or device.

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Manage, edit, and publish high-quality digital media assets as well as associated renditions for all relevant channels including print, web, and mobile. Take full control of the entire asset pool and ensure compliance with integrated rights management for all channels and regions, including expiration dates.

Image Editing and Adaptive Image Handling

Reduce time-to-market for media-rich online experiences and don’t waste time waiting on a designer for minor edits or crops.

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Take advantage of powerful image-editing tool with rich out-of-the-box functionality including cropping, rotation, filtering, brightness, and contrast. Re-use the same original high-resolution image to automatically create variants in all aspect ratios and sizes for all outputs.

Text Overlays Separate from Image

Online trends move fast – editors must be able to reuse images quickly and flexibly for different audiences and campaigns without sending them to a designer.

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Place editable text on top of any image to avoid round-trips to the creative department for every text change. When combined with advanced automation and dynamic publishing tools, it's easy to personalize this text on the fly for different audience segments, regions, and languages.

Project management, collaboration, and workflows.

Pre-built Publication and Translation Workflows

Ensure compliance, reduce complexity, and increase the efficiency of all publishing and translation processes.

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CoreMedia provides out-of-the-box workflows for approval and publication and localization and synchronization for multi-site and multi-language setups. The workflows reduce publication and translation issues by alerting users of common errors and giving them guidance on how to remedy the situation before content goes live.

Project Management and Content Sets

To be successful, creative teams must be able to collaborate across brands, departments, and regions.

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Logically group content that is needed for a specific task, project, or team, regardless of its location in the repository. Add collaborators or whole groups, assign tasks and due dates. A dashboard widget and notifications make it easy for creators to monitor and track the process and align the whole team.

Immersive online stores and product-related campaigns.

Augment Online Stores

Cookie-cutter shopping experience don’t inspire customers. To stand out, brands needs to provide engaging, informative, and instructive content.

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Rapidly extend and enhance existing online stores with branded content, rich media and social media without involving IT. Session, cart, segmentation, and user information is automatically shared across brand and store sites – in real time.

Make Branded Content Shoppable

Every interaction with a customer needs to be an opportunity to enrich the experience and influence a buying decision.

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Ensure “frictionless commerce” by infusing existing brand sites with advanced e-Commerce capabilities and instantly updated product information. Add products via drag & drop from any eCommerce product catalog. Make your banners and images shoppable to increase conversion. Add transactional capabilities to video streams by dragging & dropping products onto a timeline. And they appear with up-to-date pricing as a video overlay. No agency needed.

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