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Your competitive advantage starts with captivating experiences.

To consumers, your brand is only as valuable as the best customer experience they’ve ever had. In a sea of digital interactions, it’s a lot to compete with. You have to stand out. Be memorable and unique. Connect with consumer values. And offer people something they can’t get from any other brand—a desirable lifestyle, a cultural connection, a sense of empowerment. But only the most iconic brands can provide these kinds of experiences and enjoy the revenues, upsells, and customer loyalty that comes with them. Are you ready to level up and become a truly iconic brand? CoreMedia Content Cloud can help.


PERSONALIZE your response to every visitor in any context—automatically.

Your customers want relevant, hyper-personalized experiences at just the right moment. But you can’t deliver if your data is scattered across systems, your content isn’t targeted, and you have to manually adjust content to fit your audience. Help your team get the right message to the right consumers when they need it with the ability to create target personas, automated, event-based workflows, and personalized publishing using business rules and taxonomies.

With CoreMedia Content Cloud’s modular content, you can tag and associate individual pieces of content like stories, media, and links with a particular event, allowing you to preview and spin up a new landing page in minutes. You can also leverage customer data and other context sources from CoreMedia and third-party systems to define personalization rules for every piece of modular content to deliver unique experiences to every visitor based on their persona and behaviors.


TRANSACT with ease by unifying content, commerce, context, and marketing.

Iconic brands deliver consistently powerful experiences across every channel—seamlessly blending physical and digital, content and commerce. They make it easy to purchase by enriching every interaction with helpful content, rich media, and detailed product information. But consistency doesn’t mean boring or standardized. Customers know that iconic brand interactions will always be unique and outstanding.

A flexible digital experience platform (DXP) like CoreMedia Content Cloud can bring all of the right elements together without the extra work. With out-of-the-box eCommerce integrations and seamless digital asset management (DAM) capabilities, we enable true “frictionless commerce” — with no distinction between branded content and commerce transactions. Every piece of branded content can be made shoppable, and every commerce transaction can be enriched with additional content.


GLOBALIZE your brand by thinking local.

Iconic brands span languages, cultures, and geographies. They build trust by creating culturally relevant experiences for consumers in all corners of the world. Experiences that speak to people in their native language, make an impact with appropriate imagery, entice with best-fit product offerings, and follow regional norms. These brands know that going global means more than just translating text. It means connecting with consumers on a local level.

But delivering these experiences isn’t easy if you’re bogged down with manual processes and translation spreadsheets. Keep up with the growing demand for localized content with CoreMedia Content Cloud. Automate workflows. Smoothly integrate with translation and eCommerce platforms. And empower teams to quickly adapt content, images, products, and currency to meet the unique needs of customers in their own region. The result is more relevant interactions, and deeper brand trust.


OPTIMIZE and make every experience better than the last.

With so many products and messages vying for consumer attention, it’s the iconic brands that rise to the top. Yet competitors are always close behind. That’s why these standout brands use contextual insights and content performance data to guide them as they continuously improve every interaction across the customer journey.

Orchestrate it all with CoreMedia Content Cloud. Built-in analytics capabilities and connectors allow you to use your existing tools to test and tweak until you find what resonates most with each consumer segment. Through our integrated partners, you can access optimization tools like performance analytics, A/B/n testing, quality assurance, compliance management, artificial intelligence engines, and SEO. This valuable data can help you determine which content your visitors prefer and where you need to make changes, so you can create experiences worth coming back for.

Learn how to be iconic with CoreMedia Content Cloud.

Content Cloud Overview Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia Be Iconic Guide

Cultural movements change quickly, and you need to know how to adapt. In our global world, no customer has to buy from you when there are so many choices. A different brand is just a swipe or click away. If your competition can provide a better experience, their story will spread faster and further, and they’ll win over the hearts and minds of your consumers. With CoreMedia, you can stand out from the competition by creating unique and immersive experiences that entice customers to keep coming back.

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Content Cloud Overview Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia Content Cloud Overview Factsheet

What if you could: Publish your new or updated content in hours or even minutes, instead of weeks? Launch marketing campaigns across 150 countries and 40 different languages instantly Convert 50% or more of your website visitors into paying, repeat customers? Download our Fact Sheet to find out how.

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