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Culture moves fast. You have to be faster.

Stay ahead of surging content demand. 

The dash for digital experiences that get noticed.

Markets are moving faster than ever, and so are the ideas and information that flow through our culture. Trends, products, scandals, and celebrations can all drop in an instant. With screens, images, and messages flashing by at dizzying speeds, you have to be ready to protect your brand image, respond to competitive threats, or seize opportunity at any moment. But many content management systems can’t keep up. Instead, you need a digital experience platform that helps you respond with agility, scales when you need to, keeps your costs down, and gets you to market faster. 


CONTROL your content and publish without delays.

Publishing content to various regions, brands, and languages can be slow and painful—especially if you have to wait for IT or other external partners to make changes. With a modern CMS, you can empower content editors to take action when they need to, and streamline the publishing process. CoreMedia Content Cloud gives editors the ability to:  

  • Preview eCommerce and brand content simultaneously to ensure it displays the way they want
  • Publish new content and updates immediately, without relying on IT or external agencies   
  • Increase efficiency with automated workflows and fewer manual processes 

With our object-oriented content model, editors can automatically push out content variations to different regions in multiple languages. Content also quickly renders to fit new designs, while global changes can be immediately applied to different regions.  


REUSE content across markets and channels.

For many teams, publishing content to different audiences and channels means creating many versions of the same content—a process filled with duplicated effort and delayed time to market. But with CoreMedia, you can scale your content and publish faster by creating once and sharing everywhere.  

Here’s an example: Suppose you need to publish social media banners for 5 markets and 30 languages across different channels like mobile, desktop, tablet, app, and social. Rather than writing and translating new text, and manually uploading images for each channel, CoreMedia Content Could can automate the process by generating a banner from a single piece of content. Since text is handled independent from the image, translations can be automatically applied. 

And when it’s time for updates, images are automatically cropped so they display perfectly on every channel. With a hybrid headless CMS like CoreMedia Content Cloud, your content team can focus on creating experiences while your developers take care of coding.  


PERSONALIZE your response to every visitor in any context—automatically.

Your customers want relevant, hyper-personalized experiences at just the right moment. But you can’t deliver if your data is scattered across systems and your content has to be manually updated each time the market changes. Help your team respond faster with automated, event-based workflows and personalized publishing using business rules and taxonomies.

Picture a media company that has to report on a breaking event with a dedicated landing page. In an industry where time of the essence, they can’t wait hours or days to publish. This is where CoreMedia Content Cloud’s modular content comes in. By tagging and associating individual pieces of content like stories, media, and links with that event, they can preview and spin up a new landing page in minutes, keeping readers in the know and leaving competitors far behind.


BE ICONIC and become the brand they’ll never forget.

As the speed of culture picks up pace, it’s not enough to be fast and agile. To stay competitive, your brand also needs to be iconic. You have to stand out, do things differently, and be memorable. That means telling your story in an engaging, unique way.

CoreMedia Content Cloud makes it easy to bring your product and editorial content together—as well as your data—so you can provide the kind of personalized, extraordinary experiences that make your customers take notice, and keep your brand top of mind.

Learn how to stay ahead of the speed of culture with CoreMedia Content Cloud.

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CoreMedia Speed of Culture Guide

In today’s always-on world, the need for relevant content is growing at a breakneck pace. Consumers expect to find the information they want in seconds and be continuously engaged by a steady stream of new content. As the pace and scale of online storytelling picks up, your brand needs to be ready. You have to anticipate threats and opportunities in the market and have the capability — and the content — to respond in real time at any moment. Further adding to this complexity and pressure is that all of this content often needs to be scaled across multiple brands, sites, channels, and languages. At CoreMedia, we call this moving at the speed of culture.

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Content Cloud Overview Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia Content Cloud Overview Factsheet

CoreMedia Content Cloud is an open, best-of-breed digital experience platform (DXP) built on an agile content management system (CMS) and advanced digital asset management (DAM) system that enables leaders in all industries to orchestrate dynamic, personalized digital experiences, and deliver them reliably, efficiently, and at enterprise scale to any channel. Marketers, merchandisers, and developers can work collaboratively and effectively on omnichannel experiences that drive engagement, increase loyalty, improve brand visibility, and boost revenue.

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