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Markets are moving faster than ever, and so are the ideas and information that flow through our culture. Trends, products, scandals, and celebrations can all drop in an instant. With screens, images, and messages flashing by at dizzying speeds, you have to be ready to protect your brand image, respond to competitive threats, or seize opportunity at any moment. But many content management systems can’t keep up. Instead, you need a digital experience platform that helps you respond with agility, scales when you need to, keeps your costs down, and gets you to market faster. 


CONTROL your digital experience and publish without delays.

Publishing content to various regions, brands, and languages can be slow and painful—especially if you have to wait for IT or other external partners to make changes. With a modern DXP, you can empower content editors to take action when they need to, and streamline the publishing process. CoreMedia Content Cloud DXP gives editors the ability to:  

  • Preview eCommerce and brand content simultaneously to ensure it displays the way they want
  • Publish new content and updates immediately, without relying on IT or external agencies   
  • Increase efficiency with automated workflows and fewer manual processes 

With our object-oriented content model, editors can automatically push out content variations to different regions in multiple languages to provide the digital experience you desire. Content also quickly renders to fit new designs, while global changes can be immediately applied to different regions.  


REUSE content across markets and channels.

For many teams, publishing content to different audiences and channels means creating many versions of the same content—a process filled with duplicated effort and delayed time to market. But with CoreMedia Composable DXP, you can scale your content and publish faster by creating once and sharing everywhere.  

Here’s an example: Suppose you need to publish social media banners for 5 markets and 30 languages across different channels like mobile, desktop, tablet, app, and social. Rather than writing and translating new text, and manually uploading images for each channel, CoreMedia Content Could can automate the process by generating a banner from a single piece of content. Since text is handled independent from the image, translations can be automatically applied to provide a seamless Digital Experience.

And when it’s time for updates, images are automatically cropped so they display perfectly on every channel. With a leading digital experience platform like CoreMedia Content Cloud, your content team can focus on creating experiences while your developers take care of coding.  


COLLABORATE and create with flexible tools and agile practice.

When your teams are working hard to meet customer demand for relevant, real-time experiences, they can’t be slowed by bottlenecks and rigid workflows. Instead, they need to collaborate across teams, brands, and regions in a way that’s fast and flexible. Whether completing informal, everyday production tasks or more formal publication and translation processes, CoreMedia has you covered.

Manage tasks and timelines with real-time project updates, enable ad hoc collaboration around individual content items or entire sets of content, and launch publication or translation workflows directly from projects. From content creation to approval and publication, our customized workflows facilitate collaboration through enterprise-level administration and role-based user management, the ability to define rules, roles, and rights, and notification for editors and administrative users to keep everyone on track. Take your teams to a whole new level of collaboration and creativity with CoreMedia.


INTEGRATE with best-of-breed and legacy tools.

To address market demand and improve the customer experience, brands must constantly add new functionality to their online stores and marketing sites. Implementing a seamless, real-time integration of multiple best-of-breed systems is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but it doesn’t need to be a showstopper either. 

Creating new experiences at the speed of culture means having a flexible content platform that can easily integrate with the third party repositories, commerce systems, marketing platforms, and experience optimization tools your team is most familiar with.

CoreMedia’s open API integration architecture and productized connectors makes this possible, allowing users to access their favorite tools through a single, streamlined user interface, innovate faster, and develop unique experiences just as quickly as your customers and the market demand.

Learn how to stay ahead of the speed of culture with the worlds leading Digital Experience Platform

Content Cloud Overview Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia Speed of Culture Guide

In today’s always-on world, the need for relevant content is growing at a breakneck pace. Consumers expect to find the information they want in seconds and be continuously engaged by a steady stream of new content. As the pace and scale of online storytelling picks up, your brand needs to be ready. 

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Content Cloud Overview Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia Content Cloud Overview Factsheet

What if you could: Publish your new or updated content in hours or even minutes, instead of weeks? Launch marketing campaigns across 150 countries and 40 different languages instantly Convert 50% or more of your website visitors into paying, repeat customers? Download our Fact Sheet to find out how.

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Multibrand Pain Points Factsheet

Managing a multi-brand portfolio presents unique challenges for B2B brands. Download our pain points factsheet and learn how to overcome the 5 biggest hurdles of multi-brand content management.

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