CoreMedia is the complete content and digital asset management platform, featuring built-in eCommerce integrations and a secure, modular architecture. Innovate faster, improve efficiency, regain creative control, and boost ROI across all your online properties.

Better Content Management

Today's consumers expect consistent, real-time interactions across every channel and device. CoreMedia’s content management capabilities support a wide range of online and mobile applications with high traffic volume and omni-channel delivery requirements. Based on a high-performance architecture and open interfaces, the system can be flexibly modified to suit the most complex business requirements.

Advanced DAM capabilities

CoreMedia contains advanced digital asset management tools to unify your creative, mobile, and online teams. These capabilities allow CoreMedia to serve as a single repository for multiple rich media asset types. Product data, unstructured digital content, a media library, and marketing materials can all be managed directly from a single interface.

Deep eCommerce Integrations

CoreMedia augments both commercial and homegrown eCommerce systems by allowing users to infuse them with visually engaging experiences and immersive content. CoreMedia’s robust, mature APIs and productized integration with leading eCommerce systems means seamless and real-time links with existing content repositories, product catalogs, pricing systems, and front-end modules.

Smart Content Personalization

As the digital era matures, consumers expect more personalized experiences. So online businesses must be able to deliver a customized experience that adapts to the behavior, history, and social connections of every visitor. CoreMedia makes it easy to deliver highly customized digital experiences for any audience segment, leading to greater satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Seamless Social Engagement

CoreMedia’s sophisticated social tools help you manage customer conversations, curate content, and keep visitors engaged across all channels. Easily engage in dialogue around your brands and products with advanced moderation capabilities – including profiles, preferences, ratings, likes, and comments. Curate and publish social content dynamically without impacting site performance.

CoreMedia: When results matter

A leading global retailer achieved positive ROI with CoreMedia in less than 12 months – including the following business gains:

  • 8% increase in average order value
  • 60% increase in multichannel sales
  • 36% increase in online visitors
  • 75% reduction in overall time-to-web
  • 91% reduction in page build times
  • Edits to existing pages now 12x faster

Industry-Specific Solutions

CoreMedia's built-in Blueprints contain preconfigured tools, templates, features, and sample content that can be deployed immediately or used to build a custom online presence. Blueprints are based on responsive and adaptive design templates, incorporate a range of visually appealing, pre-built design elements, and include support for a range of popular third-party tools.

Flexible Platform Operations

CoreMedia’s flexible, component-based architecture is ideally suited for a distributed approach to software deployment. Choose from a range of Cloud-based, on premises, or hybrid deployment offerings, maximizing time-to-market and optimizing existing online stores. Select the components you want to deploy, integrate with both legacy and best-of-breed solutions, and grow at your own pace.

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