DX Innovation at DevCon 2022

A day of DX innovation at DevCon 2022 - thanks for joining us!

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Sera Filiz

We had a blast sharing our DX insights at our annual Developer Conference last week – after all, problem-solving is at the heart of what we do here at CoreMedia! We really enjoyed taking this opportunity to put our thinking caps on, dive deeper into our projects, and explore all things related to thoughtful digital experience implementation.

Held at the Design Offices Hammerbrook in Hamburg on Tuesday, November 8th, we shared a day full of food, fun, and collaborative insights. From updates in CoreMedia Content Cloud, to the nitty gritty of our UI development tech stack, to specific uses cases of our various APIs, we loved putting our heads together to share all the ways that we keep innovating and looking to the future.

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Over the course of the day, we shared our current roadmap, and changes we’ve made to our product architecture, focused on API-first, cloud-native, and hybrid headless capabilities. We discussed this in sessions about our Ingest Service, a cloud-only, content-uploading API, and our Event Hub, bringing the repository listener to the cloud.

We also focused on our new studio and our main change – moving over from ActionScript to TypeScript, which will enrich studio development, allowing for future upgrades to new features and extensions.

We’ve also upgraded to CKEditor 5, making plugins significantly easier to reuse and integrate.

Putting together seamless digital experiences for our customers is a truly collaborative process, and we’re proud that our CMS capabilities represent the feedback of our entire community, with an emphasis on frictionless agility.


We ended DevCon with drinks, Holy Dogs hotdogs, and a toast to the day – cheers to everyone who joined us, we can’t wait to see you again!  

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