Omnichannel Delivery

In this era of hyperconnectivity, marketers and merchandisers are looking for a way to deliver better, more consistent, and more relevant experiences across an increasing number of channels, sites, and regions - and across the entire customer journey. But they need to do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

The heart of the omnichannel digital experience is its ability to transparently adapt to shifting customer demands and expectations – regardless of the channel. Because its modular architecture separates content from layout and business rules, CoreMedia Content Cloud is ideally suited for publishing content to any digital touchpoint – including mobile and desktop devices, kiosks and digital display systems. Deliver cohesive and adaptive experiences that unite siloed business processes and connect all customer touchpoints in the customer journey.

Unite siloed processes and connect touchpoints.

Easily Adapt Content for All Channels

Consumers today interact with brands via a much broader range of touchpoints than ever before, and each interaction is just a single moment in a larger journey. This creates numerous opportunities to meet and exceed their expectations – but only for brands that can master reuse.

Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel 2

Reuse content and automate publication across multiple digital channels, which is key for multi-brand and multi-region organizations to ensure global brand consistency. By separating content from their final presentation layer, CoreMedia makes it possible to render content differently based on the delivery channel, as well as to automatically adapt content items for different contexts – including multiple languages and omnichannel campaigns.

Automatic Omnichannel Image Variants

Manually creating multiple image variants for every digital channel or contact is painfully slow and labor intensive.

Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel 2

Re-use the same original high-resolution image and automatically create variants in all aspect ratios and sizes for all outputs. Define variants for specific channels and manually define multiple image variants for various channels based on an adjustable focus point.

Optimized Mobile Shopping Experiences

Many mobile eCommerce sites are ugly, load slowly, and result in a loss of traffic and lower conversion rates.


CoreMedia Content Cloud partners with Mobify, a specialized provider of Progressive Web Apps that enables mobile Storefronts with a smooth, app-like experience. No native app needed! Manage the content easily in Content Cloud and let Mobify handle the heavy frontend lifting – all easily integrated with any existing shop system.

Multi-language publishing.

Translation Workflows and Connectors

Reaching across borders is something most brands have to do—not only to stay competitive, but to grow their business.

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CoreMedia supports end-to-end translation workflows to translate content into multiple languages. It also supports easy integration with leading translation management systems via standard exchange formats such as XLIFF. Leverage connectors to leading translation systems for a fully automated translation process. CoreMedia provides out-of-the-box integrations with systems like's GlobalLink and Transline, but can also be customized to integrate other translation memory services.

Translatable Campaigns and Banners

To be competitive, brands need to create banners with editable text overlays for all international campaigns.

Multi-Language Omnichannel

CoreMedia Content Cloud makes it easy to create text overlays separate from the image, automatically positions them for the different channels, and sends them directly to a translation agency without involving a design agency or Photoshop.

Manage content for multiple sites.

View and Manage Multiple Sites

With so many sites to keep track of, multi-brand organizations find it hard to communicate in one voice while giving individual brands the flexibility to publish unique content.

Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel 1

Manage multiple websites or any digital property on any channel. The multi-site navigator supports the ability to view the site hierarchies, select a preferred site for editing, or create new sites based on existing sites. Each site has its own localization hierarchy and configuration for third connectors. Dependencies between sites can be tracked at the level of individual content items. Manage parent/child relationships and inheritance for multiple brands and regional sites.

Compare Site Content

Local regional teams need to be able to keep in synch with global content but still identify places to add local emphasis and requirements.

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Regional editors can receive notifications when content in a master site changes. They can then view local and master content side-by-side in a single window, identify what content has changed and then update the local version. With proper access rights, a user can compare content versions and revert content to a previous version if desired.

Flexible Localization

Brands need a way to tailor content to regional audiences while maintaining control over quality and consistency.

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Regional sites can be derived from the main site but retain their own unique local content and character. Local sites can be managed independently or centrally so that they can be as different or as similar as needed. Local teams can be permitted to customize virtually all aspects of their digital properties including content, structure, templates, and metadata.

Real time testing and optimization.

A/B/n Testing and Integrated Analytics

To ensure the performance of all online properties, editors need access to real time data from the best tools available.

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Leverage built-in analytics capabilities and pre-built connectors to industry-leading analytics tool providers. Our analytics integrations are fully bidirectional - and are used to provide editors with real time information about site performance. Additionally, these analytics integrations are used to generate dynamic lists, like "Top-n" clicked stories.  A/B/n testing is available for all customers out-of-the-box without the need to add a personalization solution or integrate any third-party software. More advanced A/B and multivariate testing are enabled through pre-built third-party integrations.

Integrated Optimization Tools

As channels multiply, it’s no longer a case of perfecting before publishing, but of using customer insights and agile technology to publish fast and iterate on the fly.

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CoreMedia Experience Feedback Hub provides real-time insights from a wide range of content optimization systems, such as Searchmetrics, Siteimprove, and Acrolinx - showing results and enabling continual interaction between these systems.

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