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Eurex Case Study

Eurex Group uses CoreMedia CMS as the core of its own online infrastructure.

Eurex Group consists of six companies and maintains representative offices around the world. Each plays a central role in the financial industry.

Together, they provide their customers with global trading opportunities for numerous products from pre- to post-trade. A common trading platform based on innovative yet proven technology ensures more efficient processes. The aim is to create a versatile financial market that is characterized by security and integrity and delivers maximum benefits for all market participants.

What began in 1996 with the German-Swiss vision of creating a joint trading and clearing platform for the derivatives products of Deutsche Börse AG and SWX Swiss Exchange has now grown into one of the world's largest derivatives exchanges. Eurex Group recorded a trading volume of over 1.6 billion contracts in 2012 alone.

The Challenge

Tailored information for different target groups

Eurex Group stands for transparency, excellence and innovation in the financial markets - characteristics that are also reflected in the company's technological strategy. Current challenges such as Big Data, growing user mobility and the increasing need of users for flexible collaboration environments were therefore not seen by the Eurex Digital Team as an unsolvable task, but rather as a welcome opportunity. A modern, contemporary online presence was to offer Eurex Group customers a consistent brand experience. The main objective of the Eurex Digital Strategy was to adapt and transform digital trends and solutions that were already standard in the business-to-consumer environment into concrete Internet applications and tools for Eurex customers.

Since Eurex's online presence spans a total of five different portals, the data from this distributed infrastructure also had to be integrated and made available in real time. In addition to up-to-date content and a reliable and secure infrastructure, service orientation and marketing strategy considerations also played a role: The new web presence of the Eurex Internet portals (Group, Exchange, Clearing, Repo and Bonds) was to be geared more dynamically to the various user needs and tailored to the information requirements of the different, internationally active customer groups. Everything should become more interactive and increasingly accessible from mobile devices. In line with the Eurex online strategy, an interactive platform was to be created that supports the networking of offline and online channels and a close dialog to intensify customer loyalty.

Even after an initial internal needs analysis, it was clear that the Eurex Group could not achieve its vision of a pioneering online presence with the existing systems. Administration and maintenance costs were already very high in the existing infrastructure.

The Group' s websites:


could only be provided with up-to-date content to a limited extent due to the manual editorial processes - a restriction that Eurex, as a big player in the fast-moving financial industry, was no longer willing to accept.

"Together with ]init[ and CoreMedia, the Eurex Digital Team has created a comprehensive and easy-to-use offering for customers, regulators and interested market participants. The current Eurex websites are based on the latest Internet technology and offer an optimal customer experience with easily accessible product news, information on regulatory frameworks and diverse market updates."

Andreas Brandt, Head of Marketing Strategy, Research & Digital Channels, Eurex Group

The Solution

Overarching Web Content Management with CoreMedia

Since it would not have made sense to connect a contemporary platform architecture to the existing infrastructure, the Eurex Digital team responsible for the online relaunch decided to completely replace the existing systems. Following a major international tender, the Eurex project team chose the e-business specialist ]init[ as implementation partner - ]init[ itself proposed CoreMedia as the basis for the new infrastructure.

The powerful Web Content Management (WCM) system, as a cross-location and cross-divisional solution, was to ensure enhanced performance, maintainability and security in the future. In the course of the relaunch, five websites of the Eurex Group were reworked from both a technical and a functional point of view. and functional aspects of the relaunch.

Today, CoreMedia CMS, as the core of the new online environment, enables the integration of near-time data for over 1,600 products. In addition, 60,000 internal and external documents are exchanged at high speed via an additional data hub. Another advantage of CoreMedia, which is particularly relevant with regard to the Asian markets, is that a flexible display of content, adapted to the respective end device, can also be realized with the web content management system without great effort. Additional software components for newsletter creation, PDF generation, video display or social media connection are also included in the scope of the new solution and can be optionally integrated into all websites.

The Results

The step into a new era of communication

With the redesign of its online presence, the Eurex Group has successfully realized an ambitious goal: The company's consolidated Internet presence has strengthened the brand's level of recognition within the industry and, at the same time, its strategic position. The complex portal landscape with the group's five individual online presences is now centrally accessible via the newly created website.

Thanks to the powerful functions of CoreMedia CMS, the main presence offers important elements such as navigation and search functions with maximum usability. Investors can get an up-to-the-minute picture of Eurex innovations in the areas of trading and clearing, regulatory frameworks, new technologies and the latest product innovations at any time.

Highly relevant, contextualized content turns the online offering into a personalized information portal and ensures a first-class customer experience. Thanks to Responsive Design functionality, all content can now be optimally displayed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Uniform design specifications are rolled out centrally for all websites via CoreMedia and ensure a cohesive brand image - visitors experience Eurex as a highly up-to-date, innovative service provider.

From an economic point of view, too, the project has more more than met expectations: With CoreMedia, the set goals for saving operating costs were even exceeded. A lighthouse project that serves as a model for the entire financial sector.

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Note: This Case Study contains elements that have since been further amended by Eurex.

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