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Want to win big? Act fast with an Agile CMS

Customer experience has stagnated. Make it tasty again with a brand new flavor: Agile CMS. Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Deckers Brands and Forrester to learn best practices and key trends.


Tis the Season... For Disruption

Join Salesforce, Fenom Digital, and CoreMedia for a live webinar where we'll discuss how retail has changed in 2020 and what brands can do to ensure a successful holiday season.


Deploying CoreMedia in Azure - fair winds, or thunderstorm and lightning?

KPS is a leading consulting partner for the retail sector, and partner of CoreMedia since 2005. Many international retailers embrace SAP and Microsoft as strategic partners. Thus, it was a low-brainer to think about deploying CoreMedia Content Cloud in Azure, like we did with the latest SAP Commerce infrastructure. But this is easier said than done, and we share our learnings in this session.


CoreMedia and HCL Commerce – Content in the Modern Era

Today’s retailers and brands face more content challenges than ever before. They need the right tools to create content-driven campaigns within minutes rather than days, they need to be able to roll out content campaigns globally – translated and tailored to local markets – and they need to be empowered to have all their content and assets available for any channel, avoiding silos but repurposing content wherever it’s needed.


Building an innovative commerce engine – on existing infrastructure

As we take stock in moments of stillness, teams worldwide are revisiting existing strategies and tapping into creative ways to hit KPIs. Is your present infrastructure preventing you from embracing new channels to market? 


Speech to text: Basics of Speech Recognition to Understand and Search in Content

Language has always been the most important medium for communication. Even in times of online videos and webinars the spoken word is the carrier of most information. Today, it is no longer enough to just record a video of a conference, a debate and deliver it online; the user needs summaries, topics and subtitles for accessible content.


Create More Accessible, Inclusive Web Content

Having an accessible website is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have for every brand. Visitors now expect websites to meet universal design principles, meaning websites should be usable by everyone, creating a smooth user experiences everybody profits from.


How to go Headless with a Modern Web Storefront

Join Mobify Director of Marketing, Karly Cyr and Solutions Architect, James Semple for this special edition webinar, which aims to learn how to make a risk-free shift to headless starting with a modern web storefront.

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Headless not Brainless

Many marketers are losing their minds when it comes to "headless" while developers are thrilled. In this webinar, a current customer example is used to show you how the "headless" concept can be put into practice, so that technical and economic advantages can be derived for brands.

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Unify your shop & brand site

In order to avoid conversion loss, brands need to provide immersive customer experiences that excite. In the webinar, we will show you real case studies and insight into how smart retailers and manufacturers are building online flagship stores as well as how next-gen B2B sites seamlessly integrate brand sites and online stores into a holistic experience.

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The Perfect Path to IBM WCS V9

CoreMedia and Cnetric provide the ideal strategy + migration path to IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 and beyond. Watch the webinar to learn more.


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