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Comic: Half Woman/Half Robot

The future of digital corporate communication: How AI is changing the rules of the game.

May 4th, 10 AM CEST

In the webinar, you will learn

  • What impact AI has on online communication
  • For which scenarios AI tools can currently already be used 
  • How AI tools work in CMS and can simplify the work of online editors and digital marketing teams
    (Webinar in German)

202304 AI is here image

AI is here. Now what?

April 25th, online

Join our CEO Sören Stamer and our Director of Sales Engineering North America, Ulrike Heidler as they discuss the future of AI and showcase CoreMedia’s existing AI integrations.

MoneyTalks Logo CEO x Investor Talk

CEO x Investor Talk - MoneyTalks by Agicap

March 16th, online 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM CEST

Join our CEO, Soeren Stamer alongside fellow CEOs and investors from international SMEs and the start-up/scale-up scene as they share their experiences and opinions on innovative trends and digitalisation of financial management. Don't miss it! (Session in English)

202303 Denkwerk Chat GPT picture

ChatGPT – Digital Economy Employee of the Year?

March 14th, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CEST

LinkedIn Live Event: Join our CEO, Soeren Stamer alongside Marco Zingler, Managing Partner at Denwerk as they discuss what AI chatbots can do for the digital economy. Don't miss it! (Session in German)

Webinar Financial Services Authentic, December 13th

Webinar with Authentic: Financial Services

December 13th, 2022

Join CEOs David Roe of Authentic and Sören Stamer of CoreMedia as they discuss how brands can use innovative technology to drive differentiation in a highly regulated space.

Webinar Init Nov 9, 2022

Webinar with ]init[: Digital Accessibility

Learn what you need to know about the German Accessibility Improvement Act and what you have to implement as an owner of online offerings.

Watch the recording of the session (Available in German only.)

Webinar Init Migration Picture

Painless CMS Migration

The effort involved in a content migration is usually underestimated. They are truly mammoth projects. In the webinar, we'll show you how to approach migration projects in a planned manner, avoid additional expenses, and even expand the reach of your offerings.

Watch a recording of the sesseion. (Available in German only.)

How To Wow Picture

The Power of Interactive Video

Together with our partner ]init[ AG für Digitale Kommunikation, we show you how to create high-quality interactive videos and deliver them across all channels. 

Watch the recording of our session. (Available in German only.)

No Content No Commerce Summary Teaser Picture

No Content, No Commerce – Compelling Content for Engaging Experiences

Consumer-centric content marketing is more than just storytelling. Used correctly, content marketing can be an effective tool to drive conversion and business growth. No matter which industry you are in.

Watch the webinar hosted by our Partner T-Systems. (Available in German only.)


Want to win big? Act fast with an Agile CMS

Customer experience has stagnated. Make it tasty again with a brand new flavor: Agile CMS. Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Deckers Brands and Forrester to learn best practices and key trends.


Deploying CoreMedia in Azure - fair winds, or thunderstorm and lightning?

KPS is a leading consulting partner for the retail sector, and partner of CoreMedia since 2005. Many international retailers embrace SAP and Microsoft as strategic partners. Thus, it was a low-brainer to think about deploying CoreMedia Content Cloud in Azure, like we did with the latest SAP Commerce infrastructure. But this is easier said than done, and we share our learnings in this session.


UX KPIs: The desire to make the immeasurable measurable

Aren't we all on the trail of the user in detective-like detail work? We analyze clues, try to understand motives, think about the next steps. Our most important clues: UX-specific KPIs.

Christian Rohr, Senior Lead UX, and Tim Kirlicks, Executive Director, will give you an overview of today's most important KPI, show you how to measure them successfully, and thus evaluate the UX measures for your digital offerings based on data. (Available in German only.)


CoreMedia and HCL Commerce – Content in the Modern Era

Today’s retailers and brands face more content challenges than ever before. They need the right tools to create content-driven campaigns within minutes rather than days, they need to be able to roll out content campaigns globally – translated and tailored to local markets – and they need to be empowered to have all their content and assets available for any channel, avoiding silos but repurposing content wherever it’s needed.


Building an innovative commerce engine – on existing infrastructure

As we take stock in moments of stillness, teams worldwide are revisiting existing strategies and tapping into creative ways to hit KPIs. Is your present infrastructure preventing you from embracing new channels to market? 


Accessibility for all - overcoming barriers with UX/UI!

In this webinar, the UX expert from T-Systems MMS GmbH shows how you can meet design requirements and accessibility requirements with the interaction of UX, UI and frontend, and how your company can benefit from this. The Asset Living Styleguide is a central point of contact for user-centered design and usability and summarizes accessible project results with a high user experience in an efficient and reusable way. (Available in German only.)


Speech to text: Basics of Speech Recognition to Understand and Search in Content

Language has always been the most important medium for communication. Even in times of online videos and webinars the spoken word is the carrier of most information. Today, it is no longer enough to just record a video of a conference, a debate and deliver it online; the user needs summaries, topics and subtitles for accessible content.


Attractive for All - Best Practices for Accessible Digital Services

Together with CoreMedia, we show you how online offers must be prepared visually, in terms of content and structure, in order to comply with the new BITV 2.0 and ensure a positive user experience for all users. In addition to navigation and content structure, contrasts, colors, scalability and linearizability, aspects such as focus management, comprehensibility, text alternatives and structure are also important topics. (Available in German only.)


What good is the Ferrari if you don't know the route?

We show you how to use process mining to create a "map" of real business processes and why you should switch from racing cars to autonomous driving. Because only when the process maps have been generated can you choose the best route. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) speeds up your processes and makes them more efficient - thanks to automation by software robots. After the webinar, you will know which subroutes you should drive autonomously with RPA and how automation affects customer satisfaction, employee turnover and costs. (Available in German only.)


Create More Accessible, Inclusive Web Content

Having an accessible website is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have for every brand. Visitors now expect websites to meet universal design principles, meaning websites should be usable by everyone, creating a smooth user experiences everybody profits from.


Content strategy and design system - basis for the German Bundeswehr's new digital appearance

The new digital media landscape shows the German Federal Army as a modern, transparent organization with an important social task in our globalized world, as one of Germany's most diverse workplaces, and as a nearby force that is supported by its people. (Available in German only.)


Emotions in online stores: Can you really reach customers' hearts digitally?

In a chat, Gerrit Barembruch (Head of Digital Agency, Arvato Systems) and Dominik Huesmann (Lead UX Consultant, Arvato Systems) discuss the question of whether you can really reach the hearts of B2C and B2B customers digitally. (Available in German only.)


How to go Headless with a Modern Web Storefront

Join Mobify Director of Marketing, Karly Cyr and Solutions Architect, James Semple for this special edition webinar, which aims to learn how to make a risk-free shift to headless starting with a modern web storefront.


Customer Centricity

Is gathering information about your services and products for your target group the equivalent of climbing a mountain without the right footwear and supplies? Then take a look at our webinar recording! (Available in German only.)

2019-06-25 Webinar Global Presence Teaser Picture

Global company presence through internationalization

Learn how an easy-to-navigate and intuitive global company presence leads to more customer contacts in B2B.


Headless not Brainless

Many marketers are losing their minds when it comes to "headless" while developers are thrilled. In this webinar, a current customer example is used to show you how the "headless" concept can be put into practice, so that technical and economic advantages can be derived for brands.

Arvato webinar event page picture

Unify your shop & brand site

In order to avoid conversion loss, brands need to provide immersive customer experiences that excite. In the webinar, we will show you real case studies and insight into how smart retailers and manufacturers are building online flagship stores as well as how next-gen B2B sites seamlessly integrate brand sites and online stores into a holistic experience.

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