CoreMedia Featured in Groundbreaking Digital Clarity Group Report

NEW YORK, NY & HAMBURG, GERMANY (May 3, 2018) — The award-winning analyst firm Digital Clarity Group (DCG) has just released a comprehensive new report examining the growing importance of digital experience platforms (DXPs) in successful online engagement.

Entitled “Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies,” the report was developed with input from 322 global business and IT leaders in interviews and surveys and is one of the first to provide an extensive survey of the industry’s critical technologies and business models.

CoreMedia, a global provider of omnichannel content management, advanced asset management, and deep eCommerce integrations, is proud to be a sponsor and featured vendor in the report, which validates the company’s long-time strategy of offering best-of-breed technology solutions.

DCG defines DXP as a collection of technologies for creating, orchestrating, and managing the digital experience delivered to customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders across the entire customer life cycle, from marketing to sales through service.

“We’re impressed with DCG’s methodology and research, and we’re pleased to see their findings support our approach,” said Knud Kegel, SVP of Marketing for CoreMedia. “We believe our Content Experience Platform provides the best foundation for companies looking to deploy an industry-leading DXP solution and this report backs that up.”

DCG’s researchers found that the majority of business and IT leaders surveyed (66% of 300 respondents) prefer a multi-vendor for implementing DXPs. Additionally, 56% of business and IT respondents identified ease of integration with existing technologies as a very important technology factor influencing their choice of DX vendors (1).

These insights coincide with CoreMedia’s 20 years of experience working with leading brands in media, telecommunications, and retail. CoreMedia believes that a successful DXP solution is based on three key pillars: 

  1. an open best-of-breed integration model
  2. an incremental, cloud-first deployment approach 
  3. a unique experience composition and preview layer 

With these pillars in place, marketers and other business users are able to access content from multiple systems to create iconic brand experiences for any device or language. 

“A key finding from Digital Clarity Group’s research illustrates CoreMedia’s unique sweet spot within the digital experience landscape,” said Connie Moore, SVP of Research at Digital Clarity Group. “Operationalizing around new business models is the top driver for investments in digital experience platforms. CoreMedia has proven its digital experience solutions in industries defined by innovative responses to digital disruption – first media, then telco, and now luxury brands. By solving hard problems in these verticals and taking an open yet standardized approach to implementing digital experience, CoreMedia is well positioned to help business leaders turn their digital corner.”

The report is available exclusively from CoreMedia and other sponsors until May 24, 2018. 

Download your copy HERE.

About Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity Group is a research and advisory firm that helps organizations deliver world-class customer experience through high-performance partnerships with best-fit technology vendors and digital partners. DCG delivers on its mission through its VOCalis customer satisfaction assessment program, its vendor and digital partner selection services, and Partner Finder, a free resource that connects buyers of digital services with qualified digital partners based on key criteria.

(1) Source: "Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies," April 2018, © Digital Clarity Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

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