Headless CMS: Hybrid Headless Content Management

Bridging the Gap Between Development and Marketing.

Headless content management delivers a big advantage for developers by providing clean APIs and easy access to content for all sorts of native app, browser-based Single Page Apps or Progressive Webapps.

But until now, it hasn’t been as empowering for marketers. CoreMedia’s Hybrid Headless approach makes it easy for developers to create powerful, platform agnostic apps, plus also giving marketers and merchandisers fine grained control over all of their products and brand assets.

By combining the best of a Headless CMS with the intuitive CoreMedia Studio UI, marketers are empowered  to preview all changes and edits "in-place" and "in-context" of their Single Page Apps (SPA) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Plus, brands can re-use their content and assets easily for their existing website and mobile web site as well as any campaigns in Marketing tools.  CoreMedia Content Cloud makes it easy to quickly create a Landing page or Microsite - providing the "Head" for HTML-based pages.

More Than a Headless CMS

Brands struggle to create content for their various online apps using content in a pure play Headless CMS.

CoreMedia Content Cloud is more than just a Headless CMS. It's built on a Hybrid Headless framework – which provides configurable tools for creating and previewing personalized content experiences for any channel or device, including Single Page Apps (SPA) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with in-place editing. All in one place: CoreMedia Studio.

Omnichannel Content via GraphQL

Developers need a tool that’s easy to integrate into their code and delivers the exact content aggregations that they need for their applications.

CoreMedia Content Cloud adapts to each customer’s specific use case with platform agnostic content and open APIs. The Content-as-a-Service GraphQL API lets editors and developers assemble and aggregate the content they need for any app, exactly as they need it - just by configuration. And all content is delivered in plain JSON output that can be easily parsed and displayed on all platforms.

Share content and layouts across sites.

Reuse Content, Layout, and Business Logic

The pressure to publish more content, faster, makes it hard to maintain quality and consistency. Content reuse provides an answer while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel

CoreMedia separates content from presentation, so users can create content once and reuse it on multiple digital properties without the need for duplication. This allows editors to create and publish engaging digital experiences within minutes — without IT involvement.

Tagging and Taxonomies

With the explosion of online content, it’s essential to have a consistent and easy-to-maintain framework for identifying, locating, and reusing individual content elements.

TrulyOmnichannel - 1 - Image Variants

All content in CoreMedia contains metadata in the form of built-in taxonomies, used to categorize and classify content in a consistent way. In addition, free keywords can be specified per content item for classification purposes. All taxonomies are fully customizable.

Tag Driven Experience Management

The pace of online content is accelerating at a staggering rate. How can marketers and merchandiser publish content quickly without time-consuming manual effort?

TrulyOmnichannel - 1 - Image Variants

Metadata tags can be used to dynamically assemble pages (e.g., display all videos for a specific topic or all products that meet a given search criteria) and to automatically locate related content items.

Re-use Content for Landing Pages

Marketers need to create landing pages that work in tandem with their apps and other channels.

Omnichannel Editing

Create Omnichannel Content and Assets once in CoreMedia Content Cloud and easily re-use them across channels and devices.

Watch The Demo Video

See how CoreMedia Content Cloud allows marketers and merchandisers to manage content easily for all channels like a Headless CMS - yet keeps you in full editorial control with instant previews and in-context editing. And developers get a flexible API that can be configured via GraphQL to your specific application needs.

Headless - Content as a Service

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