Hybrid Headless Content Management

Headless content management delivers a big advantage for developers by providing clean APIs and easy access to content for all sorts of native app, browser-based Single Page Apps or Progressive Webapps.

But until now, it hasn’t been as empowering for marketers. CoreMedia’s Headless PLUS approach makes it easy for developers to create powerful, platform agnostic apps, PLUS also giving marketers and merchandisers fine grained control over all of their products and brand assets.

By combining the best of Headless CMS with our intuitive CoreMedia Studio UI, marketers are empowered  to preview all changes and to edits "in-place" and "in-context" of their Single Page Apps (SPA) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Plus you can re-use your content and assets easily for your existing website and mobile web site as well as any campaigns in Marketing tools.  Or if you need to quickly create a Landing page or Microsite, CoreMedia Content Cloud has you covered too - providing the "Head" for HTML-based pages.

Bridging the Gap Between Development and Marketing

More than a headless CMS

I struggle to create content for my company’s various online apps using content in our Headless CMS.

Marketer, B2C Retailer

CoreMedia Content Cloud is more than just a Headless CMS – it’s Headless PLUS – which means you get configurable tools for creating and previewing personalized content experiences for any channel or device, including Single Page Apps (SPA) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with in-place editing. All in one place on your desktop: The CoreMedia Studio.

Advanced Asset Management

I need images in specific sizes and aspect ratios for my apps on different devices.

App Developer, B2C Retailer
Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel 1

Re-Usable Assets for Omnichannel 2

CoreMedia Content Cloud can crop and scale your images automatically for optimized omnichannel delivery. Simply let your app request any images in your required formats and sizes. All content is dynamically rendered on the fly and efficiently cached for optimized performance. And it's easy for editors to preview and adjust for all device formats instantly on their desktop.

Omnichannel Content via GraphQL

I need a tool that is easy to integrate into my code and delivers the exact content aggregations that I need for my application.

App Developer, B2C Retailer

CoreMedia Content Cloud adapts to your specific use case with platform agnostic content and open APIs. Our Content-as-a-Service GraphQL API lets you assemble and aggregate the content you need for any app, exactly as you need it - just by configuration. And all content is delivered in plain JSON output that can be easily parsed and displayed on all platforms.

Preview every stage in the visitor journey

I need to create personalized user journeys for my users. But it can be really hard to know what will happen.

Marketer, B2C Retailer

CoreMedia Content Cloud helps you by offering our Contextual Preview, in which you can simulate User Personas, Date & Time, Devices, and other factors such as Weather, etc. Preview and test the visitor journey through the eyes of your user – all in one place on your desktop: CoreMedia Studio

Translatable Rich Media Assets

I need to run my campaigns across multiple regions, countries and languages – with localized content.

Marketer, B2C Retailer
Multi-Language Omnichannel

CoreMedia Content Cloud has powerful translation workflow tools that integrate with leading Translation services. And by offering features like Text-on-Image Overlays, you don’t need to involve your agency and designers, but can use your translators.

Re-use Content for Landing Pages

I need to create landing pages that work in tandem with my apps and other channels. How can I do that?

Marketer, B2C Retailer
Omnichannel Editing

CoreMedia Content Cloud also offers to create landing pages from the same content and assets that you already have in place for your apps, campaigns and eMail newsletters – and it ships with various Industry specific blueprints that make it easy to re-style landing pages to your Corporate design.

Watch The Demo Video

See how CoreMedia Content Cloud allows marketers and merchandisers to manage content easily for all channels like a Headless CMS - yet keeps you in full editorial control with instant previews and in-context editing. And developers get a flexible API that can be configured via GraphQL to your specific application needs.

Headless - Content as a Service

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