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Proof from the past

1996, Hamburg, Germany. People were starting to ask what a Pokémon was, Gen-Z weren’t even born and two university students are on the cusp of a ground-breaking new business. Software that could create and edit text, audio, video and images, all stored in a single CD-ROM for easy distribution. What’s not to love? 

But the internet was coming, so the idea was expanded into something truly fit for the future. A content management system to breathe new life into digital marketing. A system that could keep up with a constantly shifting space. In the 2000s e-commerce went global. We adapted with translation and localization tools. The social media explosion of the 2010s? No problem, we connected the tech. The smartphone revolution? How about unique responsive design tools. 

Brands started to take notice and CoreMedia went global. 

We won the hearts of Deutsche Telekom, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Emerson Electric and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We broke into retail and fashion, providing stunning brand experiences for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Deckers. 

As tech and channels have changed, we've innovated with new solutions, curating an all-in-one service for our customers. Always with the same aim, to make the complex simple.    

Our client successes

Promise for the future

In the beginning we travelled from customer to customer, installing our software using CD-ROMs. Today our Content Cloud CMS looks a little different to say the least.  

One thing that’s stayed the same though, is our relationships with customers. We have deep roots with our clients because we blend the most innovative tech with real people. People they can really work with. Creators, innovators, solution-finders. Technically minded dreamers who love to think big. 

Lasting partnerships with so many leading businesses speak for themselves. Businesses like Deckers, Luxottica, PVH Corp, Finnair, Deutsche Telekom, Continental, Claas, Emerson, DMG-Mori. As their needs continue to change, our people are always there, finding new ways for our tech to help them succeed. 

Today, as the pace is once again turbo-charged, we’re already developing new connections to deliver unimaginable leaps forward in hyper-personalization for our clients. For the first time ever advanced AI technologies can deliver experiences that truly talk directly to individuals. Together with our clients, our partners and our community we are helping to shape the future once again. 

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Personal support

In a world that never stands still our lasting client relationships are a constant. A big part of that is our people. The relationships our clients have with CoreMedia people last over many years, project challenges and countless new innovations and successes.  

From our help desk and sales advisors to our solution architects and engineers, our people work with you on a personal level. They want to know about your business, and they will help you exceed your ambitions. 

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Global expertise

We’ve been here since the beginning, building and refining a CMS with care and attention. Innovating and leading the space at every turn. Our people share that story personally. They’ve worked with CoreMedia technology over years of problem solving, innovation and groundbreaking firsts. They’re not just CMS experts. They’re creators, innovators and solution-finders. The kind of people you want in your corner when tough business challenges come along  

Lasting partnerships with so many leading businesses speak for themselves. As our clients needs continue to change our experts are always there, finding new ways for our tech to help them succeed. 

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Managing Director

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Sören Stamer
Co-Founder & CEO

Sören has over 20 years of experience as a CEO in the software business. He co-founded CoreMedia with his college professors, and has led the company through startup phase, growth and global expansion.

His commitment to positive, ethical leadership is evidenced by the cohesiveness of his team, with many colleagues building 10+ year careers at CoreMedia. In 2009, Sören was awarded the German Fairness Award for fair management; and, over the years, he has shared his ideas as a speaker at TEDx, published a book on Enterprise 2.0, and regularly contributed to blogs and podcasts.

He is a father of four, and took a 2 year parental leave while his wife worked full-time. During that time, he served as President of the preschool, Cow Hollow School in San Francisco. Sören is a visionary who embraces the transformative potential of technology.

Management Team

Patrick Loekman
Patrick Loekman

Patrick is a hands-on Operational CFO with a holistic view beyond the numbers. 

Before joining CoreMedia, Patrick worked as an Executive Director for a New York-based consulting firm specializing in supporting private equity and venture capital clients. He has a proven track record of transforming finance organizations at numerous portfolio companies across multiple industries.

Patrick is originally from Germany and has lived in the USA since 2004. He holds a BA in International Business from the European Business School in London and an MBA from Rice University.

white male jeroen blaas
Jeroen Blaas

As CoreMedia's Chief Revenue Officer, Jeroen Blaas is responsible for managing all of CoreMedia’s global revenue generating functions including Sales, Pre-Sales, Partner Management and Customer Success. He is an experienced Sales and General Manager with a demonstrated history of successfully building winning teams in both the services and the software industry. He has a proven track record in building, leading and inspiring multi-disciplinary, award winning teams across Europe and North America.

Prior to joining CoreMedia, Jeroen has over 20 years of experience as an international leader and has held various leadership positions most recently at Yext, a SaaS marketing vendor where he led multiple regions before heading up Revenue Growth for their European business.

Prior to that he served as Vice President for tact.ai and CipherCloud where he established strong relationships with leading companies in the region. Combined with his deep market expertise, Jeroen has created winning teams that know how to put the business outcomes for their customers first.

white female barbara eigner
Barbara Eigner

As CoreMedia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Barbara is responsible for global marketing strategy, corporate communications, brand, content, digital, and product marketing. 

Barbara is a renowned expert in brand management and digital marketing technologies and has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry.

Most recently, she served as VP Marketing & Sales Development EMEA at Yext, the largest AI company for digital search. For the listed US company, she was responsible for brand and product marketing as well as presales activities in the EMEA region. There, she was part of the German management team from the beginning and played a key role in establishing the Berlin branch.

Prior to that, Barbara held many senior marketing and management positions, including at Beiersdorf, Bahlsen and Axel Springer's affiliate network Awin (formerly Zanox).

Barbara is originally from Vienna, studied in Sweden and is living in Berlin since 2010.

white male roy smeets
Roy Smeets
Chief Product and Technology Officer

Roy Smeets is an expert in growing teams and has over 12 years of experience as a C(P)TO in Telco, Fintech, and Insurtech, managing global teams and serving global customers. Most recently, as COO at Keylane, Roy was responsible for product management/development and SaaS services. Previously, as Group CTO at Ingenico, Roy oversaw the e2e technology for the quickly-growing online payments platforms.

white female susanne thielecke
Susanne Thielecke
VP Talents and Culture

As global Vice President of Talents and Culture, Susanne Thielecke manages the end-to-end employee lifecycle and workplace culture for all CoreMedia’s global locations and is responsible for overseeing the company’s growth and development through innovative recruitment, employee development, and learning initiatives.

Susanne is a respected author and expert on emerging models of work and employee culture. She brings over twenty years of experience as a human resources executive, consultant, and mentor for a wide range of global brands including SinnerSchrader and Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Prior to joining CoreMedia, Susanne spent over 15 years at Warner Brothers Entertainment where she served as HR Director for their teams in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Turkey. She is also the author of the book, Fit for New Work, which provides deep insights into the future of the global workplace including new forms of work such as home office or co-working.

Certified Excellence

EcoVadis Gold 2023


Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matter. We live and breathe these values every day at CoreMedia.

Iso Certification ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The privacy and security of your confidential information is critical to the success of your business. Our ISO processes ensures your confidential data is secure and protected at all times.

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Explore and learn with our resources
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Smart content management

Surprise and delight customers with iconic content everywhere, all the time.

  • Preview in-context before publishing
  • Unlock the power of your teams with workflow and scheduling
  • Keep it compliant with built-in DAM
Real time personalisation lion circle badge square 2
Personalized experiences

Nurture customers with personalized experiences at every opportunity.

  • Omnichannel customer targeting
  • Link customer data platforms to leverage audience insight
  • Integrate artificial intelligence driven hyper-personalization
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Real-time conversations

Convert visitors into buyers with conversational experiences, contextual content and a human touch.

  • Guide customers through their buying journey using video shopping, chatbot, live chat and more 
  • Manage all calls and gain insights into interactions from web to contact center
  • Prioritize contacts and let high-value users talk to real people, to maximize ROI
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Inspirational commerce

Grow your business by connecting the buying journey and converting sales.

  • Built-in connectors for Salesforce, SAP, HCL, Elastic Path, Spryker and more
  • Integrate live product feeds at a global scale
  • Turn rich media into one click shoppable content 

How digitally evolved are you?

Evolution is adaptation to change. Will you survive?

Keeping up in a fast-paced digital world can be a struggle. Whether your business is still stuck in prehistoric times, or already fully-evolved, finding out where you fall on the Digital Evolution Model will help you stay competitive.

Illustrative graphic of a superhero, t-rex, fish, lion and a crocodile
Stage 1: Fragmented: Multiple Channels

You’re a digital dinosaur!

You have a beautiful website, but with fragmented digital experiences, you run the risk of extinction.

It’s time to evolve.

Your audiences want a seamless experience, no matter what's happening behind the scenes. When your experience is different or difficult, it’s important to start with the basics, such as cultivating a holistic approach to online digital experiences. Realign your teams, platforms, processes, goals, and metrics around a comprehensive view of the online experience. Focus on the end-to-end customer journey cutting across channels, desktop and mobile.

separate channels animation circle t-rex dinosaur square
Stage 2: Integrated: Multiple channels

You’re a fish!

Signs of exciting life are starting to form. Your DX is responsive and adaptive but it’s not quite personalized yet.

Keep swimming!

The integration of your brand content across every touchpoint (website, online store, social media, emails, apps, point of sale) creates immersive experiences. These flagship sites combine content-rich brand experiences with immediate conversion capabilities. Business teams and marketing are closely aligned. However, while the digital experience is responsive and adaptive, it’s not yet personalized.

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Stage 3: Instant: Global expansion

You’re a crocodile!

You’re taking it global. Speed and scalability are key and just like a crocodile, you’re fast…but you’re clumsy.

Oh snap!

In this stage, the online digital experience becomes completely dynamic. You need content that is global, yet relevant, with plenty of local insights: Who is the user? Are they using a mobile phone? Is it raining where they are? Is it snowing? If it is, maybe they need warm, waterproof boots. All of this contextualized information creates a better user experience. With one global orchestration, you’re able to adapt everything, in whatever country or language you choose – while keeping turnaround times low. So keep evolving.

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Stage 4: Dynamic: Real time personalization

You’re a lion!

You’re reaching more customers in more countries and languages than ever before, and now you’re finally hunting and collecting info with precision.

But you can do more to keep your brand roaring!

As you graduate to the Instant level, you’re able to rapidly update everything - not just in one language and for one country, but in 20 languages and for 100 countries. Speed and scalability are key, driven by the need to roll out global campaigns in all languages and all touchpoints and make updates in minutes or hours, not weeks. But there’s still more to do to reach nirvana.

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Stage 5: Immersive: Elevated experiences

You’re Captain Content!

You’ve done it! You have opposable thumbs AND you’re saving the world with your seamless, elevated customer experiences.

You're a superhero in the digital space.

Your digital world and your physical world are blending together in the most complementary way possible. When shoppers visit your store, they’ll be greeted with their pre-selected products. Language changes dynamically depending on country of origin – it's like the whole store was set up just for your one specific customer.

In this final stage, your customer experience is truly immersive and superior, and your flagship store merges your physical and digital world into one, with a truly personalized individual experience.

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