CoreMedia Headless Service

CoreMedia Headless Service

In this course you will get to know the CoreMedia Headless Service introduced in CoreMedia Content Cloud 10. After a brief discussion of various integration scenarios in CoreMedia, you will receive an introduction to the headless server architecture and the GraphQL CoreMedia content schema. Through hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to write GraphQL queries to get the data you need for all types of native apps, browser-based single page apps, or progressive web apps.

You will learn ...

  • Typical use cases of Headless in CoreMedia projects
  • Introduction to writing GraphQL queries
  • The main types of GraphQL CoreMedia Content scheme
  • CoreMedia CaaS Media API for responsive images
  • Typical extension points of the headless Service

2 sessions, 3,5 hours/each, live online

700 EUR/ 840 USD/person, 2,800 EUR/ 3,360 USD/ group (4-8 persons)

Training prerequisites: Fundamentals