Front End Development

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Front End Development

The Front-end-development training will walk you through the CoreMedia Content Cloud (CMCC) front-end-development workflow and architecture. Our trainers show you the most important types of the blueprint content type model and explain how templates are created. You will gain knowledge about themes and bricks and how to effectively use them. Guided by hands-on exercises you will explore the different tag libraries and understand how to customize the front-end to your needs.


  • The most important types of the Blueprint Content Type Model
  • The concept of Themes and Bricks
  • The Frontend Development Process
  • The CoreMedia View Resolver
  • The CoreMedia Standard Tag Library “cm” for Freemarker
  • The Extended Blueprint Tag Library “bp” for Freemarker
  • Basic Templating
  • Rendering a Page Layout
  • Using the bricks “bootstrap” and “responsive-images”
  • Layout Variants

3 sessions, 3,5 hours/each, live online

1,400 EUR/ 1,680 USD/ person, 5,600 EUR/ 6,720 USD/ group (4-8 persons)

Training prerequisites: Fundamentals