CoreMedia and Spryker Announce Strategic Partnership

HAMBURG & BERLIN, GERMANY (September 12, 2018) — CoreMedia, a global provider of a best-of-breed content management platform – the CoreMedia Content Cloud – today announced a strategic partnership with Spryker Systems, a disruptor for eCommerce platforms. As the first step in their collaboration, the two companies have produced a seamless integration of their products.

“We’re excited about the advantages this partnership will deliver,” said Jörg Schäffer, Director Product Marketing at CoreMedia. “Spryker brings a completely new approach to the market with their modular platform. This is a great combination with CoreMedia’s open, cloud-based approach for Experience Orchestration. The unique combination of back-end flexibility and front-end creativity will provide global brands with everything they need to deliver iconic brand experiences.”  

The CoreMedia Content Cloud provides the “missing piece” for headless eCommerce customers looking to create and preview front-end customer experiences. This integration allows users to access products and transactional data from Spryker in real-time, seamlessly blend it with branded content stored in CoreMedia, personalize it, preview it, and deliver it to any digital channel or device in any region or language. 

Patrick Kleine-Albers, Director of Industry Partnerships of Spryker Systems, also commented: "As the retail industry enters a new era of digital commerce, companies must co-innovate to answer the increasing need for valuable content across multiple customer touchpoints. Using our “Spryker Commerce OS” companies can focus on executing and innovating the end-customer facing App-level providing desktop, mobile, embedded, voice, and bot-based user experiences with no effort. This is why we're working with CoreMedia, as this opens our customers the possibilities of advanced content management and experience orchestration for iconic customer experiences.”

Both companies will be exhibiting at DMEXCO 2018 in Cologne, September 12-13. Visit CoreMedia in Hall 7.1, Aisle C, Booth C-018 to learn how to create and preview iconic customer journeys for your brand – in real-time, across all channels and devices from a single place. 

About Spryker
Spryker Systems is the innovator behind the unique commerce operating system called “Spryker Commerce OS”. This commerce operating system allows companies to now reach customers through every conceivable digital touchpoint. In response to continuous changes in user expectations and new perceptions of what is perceived as a frontend, "Spryker Commerce OS" helps businesses implement new user interfaces (Apps) at speed. These interfaces encompass applications such as desktop shops, mobile apps, IoT scenarios, chatbots, and voice integrations. Subsequently, opening new sources of revenue without long lead times. The Spryker Systems team is based in Berlin and Hamburg. Find out more at and on Twitter: @sprysys.

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