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Content Cloud Case Study

Emerson transforms its brand and re imagines the digital B2B experience.

In 2015, Emerson faced a serious technology dilemma: How to unify its many separate business units on a single platform without drastically disrupting the enterprise. Each unit – from Commercial & Residential Solutions to Automation Solutions (as well as numerous sub-units) – operated its own webstore and experience management system, with content authors distributed throughout the organization and responsible for maintaining 400 different websites.

Emerson needed a CMS that would provide a powerful authoring experience to enable business users to interact with both product and marketing content and that supported tight integrations with a product catalog powered by HCL Commerce.



Being a global leader in the industry requires streamline localization processes and workflows. Thanks to Content Cloud built-in localization support and pre-fabricated integrations with industry-leading translation platforms and agencies, localization is a breeze.



Content Cloud's unparalleled carrier-grade robustness, reliability,  and scalability are the foundation of every successful global brand presence.


Augmented Products

Content Cloud's deep integration with industry-leading ecommerce platforms through pre-build connectors makes augmenting products and categories super easy for today's practitioners.

The Challenge

  • 205 manufacturing locations worldwide and a portfolio encompassing 69 brands
  • Transitioning from individual business units to a unified worldwide brand
  • Need to support commerce enablement, along with integration of product information with the HCL Commerce system
  • Solution needed to facilitate digital analytics and search

The Solution

  • New fully responsive site launched in October 2016 with 2,500 products and an integrated product catalog
  • Global marketing teams can collaborate faster to consolidate the catalog, unify taxonomy, and create common calls to action
  • Second phase focused on scaling product count, enriching products with structured data, translating content, and setting up specific locales to define user language, region and variant preferences
  • A new API facilitated enterprise-wide data syndication allowing distributors and resellers to download product assets directly

The Results

  • Dramatically accelerated growth and improved productivity
  • Able to provide a customized experience to users anywhere in the world via 38 different locales
  • Established hundreds of virtual locales which automatically deliver the best available version of the site content based on their location
  • Dramatically increased the number of brands and product lines it manages - more than 500,000 products
  • Distributors and resellers have access to the most accurate, complete and detailed product data available
  • Can more easily launch microsites for brands that require their own identity but utilize shared templatesand components

We were on five different platforms before we moved to CoreMedia and had hundreds
of content authors and all of their instances on different applications. With that centralized, there are now only about 50 authors working in the system on a day-to-day basis to create, manage and translate the content. That’s a huge win for us.

Allison Freeman, VP Information Technology Emerson
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