CoreMedia watermark gradient 2


The icon can be used as a watermark on a gradient background. The white version should be used at 5% - 10% opacity.

In the example, the watermark can be used at a large scale (up to half the width of the artboard space) and the bottom of the part can be cropped.


The curve from the inner section of the C-shape can be used as a visual element – for example to create a space for an image or text.

This element can be used in white on a gradient background or with a color gradient applied to it on a white background. Alternatively it can be used as a placeholder for an image.

CoreMedia curve mark generation diagram

Curve in horizontal and vertical views

Examples of the CoreMedia curve

Curve usage example - gradient background with white curve

White curve usage example 1

Curve usage example - white background with photo in curve

White curve usage example 3