Personalization Hub Connectors

CoreMedia offers pre-fabricated integrations to the leading personalization platforms Dynamic Yield, Kibo and Salesforce. 

If you are interested in testing one of the integration please drop us an email at

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Dynamic Yield Connector

Testing content and targeting the perfect audience has become super easy in CoreMedia Studio thanks to our latest integration with Dynamic Yield.

Create and manage segments to offer customers content tailored to their needs or find out which content resonates best with Dynamic Yield testing capabilities - conveniently done in the CoreMedia Studio.

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Kibo Personalization Connector

Integrating Kibo Personalization with CoreMedia enables content creators to use Kibo’s advanced technology to personalize, target, and test content in an easy way to build a whole new customer experience. Create and manage segmented content and experiences in CoreMedia Studio and connect them to Kibo for optimized and personalized delivery.

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Evergage Personalization Connector

Boost the performance of your shop or website by leveraging the testing, optimization, and targeting capabilities of Evergage's real-time personalization and customer data platform. Create experiences and segmented content in CoreMedia Studio and connect them to experiences and variants in Evergage to make data-driven decisions.

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