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Painless Translations in 10 Easy Steps

Translations are a complex challenge for any content management system. But there is a way to conquer this complexity and CoreMedia can help.

We've looked at a wide range of projects and worked with numerous customers and partners to develop a seamless translation solution for the CoreMedia Content Cloud.

Together with we're excited to announce our certified connector to GlobalLink.

Keep reading below to learn how we can solve your translation challenges and help you avoid Excel nightmares.

The 10 Steps to Get Translations Right

  1. You start by creating content in a simple user interface: CoreMedia Studio. This content serves as the MASTER for further localization.
  2. Next, you decide on a country concept.  This consists of a MASTER site and country-specific VARIANTS. How you set up the relationships between masters, countries and regions will be specific to your project. With CoreMedia Content Cloud, you can do this easily through configuration.
  3. Masters and variants know each other. This makes it easy for you to trace all variants of the master document itself - including which and how many translations were derived from it. Each variant displays which master document it belongs to - and which specific version of the master was translated.
  4. You can use different workflows for your translations, including:
    • An automated translation that connects to an external translation memory system. This includes automated export and import in a specialized data format (XLIFF).
    • A manual translation where content is translated page-by-page by a local language speaker.
    • A synchronization, in which content is automatically transferred from the master  to other sites - without translation but with adaptation of technical locales and links.
  5. GlobalLink receives an automated project request through the certified connector. This ensures brand and translation consistency through a customer-specific Translation Memory setup.  After the exporting the content from CoreMedia Content Cloud to GlobalLink, you approve the project for translation, have it translated and, finally, automatically re-import it to the exact location. This eliminates all copy/paste steps. No more time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. 
  6. Translated content can be provided using the PUSH process from the MASTER content from headquarters or the translations can be PULLed by the country subsidiaries and used in their local websites.
  7. In a side-by-side view, editors can compare the translated content with the original text. Like Microsoft Word's Change Tracking feature, any additions, removals or changes are highlighted in the text. You can quickly see where additional translation work is needed.
  8. Rollout your translated content directly to a single country.  Or set-up a a region (e.g. Asia) first. Then you can adapt the wording and image worlds to the specific region and localize all content for each country individually.
  9. Use the Content Cloud translation overview dashboard to easily track the status of all translations.
  10. Your entire localization process will be largely automated and fully traceable. Shorten processing times by more than 50%. Increase consistency and translation quality at the same time.


Localization and translation are complex issues. However, we've solved these challenges successfully with our own customers and have incorporated our learnings into our product. You can benefit from our experience in this field. 

CoreMedia Content Cloud and GlobalLink ensure that you will never need to use Excel for translations again. But feel free to use Excel to calculate the ROI of your next translation project with us - because Excel is the perfect tool for that!

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