CoreMedia Labs

CoreMedia Labs provides access to our latest and greatest product enhancements, ideas, and early prototypes. We want to share all of this with our customers and partners early on to collect feedback and learn how to improve our software.

Each project adds extra features to CoreMedia, including extensions, tools, and 3rd party integrations. No matter how you use CoreMedia in your daily work, we probably have something in store for you to try out. 

All projects are available as source code and come with detailed instructions on integrating them into your CoreMedia workspace, test data, and tutorial videos.

We hope you find something you like and want to try out. We’d love to hear your feedback! Just drop us a note at


Personalization Hub Connectors

Content personalization based on testing and segmentation is a powerful tool for targeting the right audience and enhancing a shop's performance or website.

CoreMedia's sophisticated personalization engine now also supports client-side integrations of major personalization platforms such as Kibo, Dynamic Yield, or Salesforce.

Content Hub_pp

Content Hub Adapters

The CoreMedia Content Hub is a powerful tool for the editorial process. It allows editors to integrate with any kind of 3rd-Party data platform. Content-Adapters to YouTube and RSS channels are available out of the box. Additional adapters are available on CoreMedia Labs on GitHub.

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Acrolinx Connector

Acrolinx is an AI-powered content governance solution that helps companies to improve the clarity, performance, consistency, and compliance of their online content. Accessible directly from within the CoreMedia Feedback Hub, the Acrolinx Sidebar provides valuable suggestions on how creators can optimize their content.

Content Sync

Content Sync Connector

The Content Sync Adapter plugin enables CoreMedia Content Cloud users to conveniently transfer content items from one environment to another.
A synchronization dialog makes it easy to select the content items of interest, including references, and intentionally import the preferred selection easily via the ingest-service.


Spark - The React Example App

Have you asked yourself how to build single-page applications or a progressive web apps with CoreMedia? Spark provides guidance and examples for developers on how to best develop applications by means of the data provided by the CoreMedia Content Cloud and its Headless server.

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AB/n Testing

CoreMedia enables content creators to run A/B/n Tests in CoreMedia Studio without any 3rd party software being required. Test drive multiple variants of your content and learn more about your customers' preferences and behavior. It's never been easier to continuously optimize your content and maximize the performance of your website.

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Scheduled Publication Workflow

Whatever you want your website visitors to see tomorrow: use the new scheduled publication workflow to publish content and assets at any specific point in time.

3 steps publication_pp

Three Step Publication Workflow

Sometimes the 4-eyes principle is not sufficient. Check out the three step publication workflow to have your content approved and confirmed by more than one expert.

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GlobalLink Connector

Translations have never been easier for a CoreMedia editor. CoreMedia’s integration with GlobalLink Connect Cloud from allows you to send content for translation into one or more languages, retrieve content automatically once the translation is complete, and access real-time information such as the translation status – all without leaving CoreMedia Studio.

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Searchmetrics Connector

The Searchmetrics Connector integrates Searchmetrics SEO and content marketing briefings into the CoreMedia Studio to provide editors with suggestions on how to improve SEO performance or their articles and other textual content. This Feedback Hub Adapter is implemented as a Blueprint extension.

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Siteimprove Connector

This plugin makes the power of Siteimprove available in CoreMedia Studio. It provides real-time access to data and insights from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, making it super easy for content creators to optimize their site's performance by assuring content quality, SEO, web analytics, and compliance with accessibility guidelines.

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Social Media Hub

CoreMedia’s Social Media Hub allows you to integrate social networks into the CoreMedia Studio. Publish articles, videos, and images directly to various social networks, schedule your posts to save time, and customize your content for each channel to target your audiences easier.

magento integration_pp

Magento Connector

It’s possible to integrate just about any commerce system into CoreMedia. We provide a Magento integration as an example as source code.

csv reporting_pp

CSV Reporting

The CoreMedia CSV Reporting Extension allows users to generate reports in CSV format describing the state of a bulk selection of content. Content may be selected in the same manner that a content search is performed in CoreMedia Studio. This is implemented as a blueprint extension titled “CSV”, which includes modules for the studio and preview CAE components.

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