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Our partners have integrated a variety of 3rd party solutions and tools to extend the CoreMedia Content Cloud.

CoreMedia Partner Algolia Logo


Algolia is an e-commerce search and discovery platform that enables retailers of all sizes to deliver fast and personalized e-commerce experiences that drive engagement and conversions across web, mobile and voice. Algolia comes with a suite of tools that allows business teams to analyze, optimize and merchandise the experience.

Arvato Celum Logo

Arvato Celum Digital Asset Management

Integrating Celum with CoreMedia is just one of many attractive integrations with complex digital asset systems by arvato that guarantee a secure content LifeCycle

CoreMedia Partner Arvato Systems Logo

Arvato CoreEDIT

Arvato Systems' Arvato CoreMedia editorial app CoreEDIT provides mobile editors with cloud-based capabilities to easily capture, edit, publish and delete content on the go with ease, speed and confidence. After a short setup phase, blog areas can be defined in an existing CoreMedia instance, which can then be populated with content such as text and photos.

CoreMedia Partner Arvato Systems Logo

Arvato Migration Client

Arvato’s migration client is a framework that simplifies the migration of CoreMedia for new major releases.

CoreMedia Partner Arvato Systems Logo

Arvato Pinuts Newsletter

Arvato's integration with Pinuts' Universal Messenger software enables editors to easily send out personalized newsletters and apply targeted segmentation for online marketing – combining the strengths of CoreMedia's CMS and Pinuts’ email marketing optimization solution.

CoreMedia Partner Arvato Systems Logo

Arvato Salesforce CRM Integration

With the Salesforce CRM Integration arvato offers a variety of opportunities for marketing activities and usage of customer date for the online experience with CoreMedia.

CoreMedia Partner Arvato Systems Logo

arvato sap integration

Our Customer Claas takes advantage of the integration to SAP ECC, which is provided by our partner arvato. The integration enables the European market leader in combine harvesters and world leader in self-propelled forage harvesters among other things to present contents from the SAP system and the CoreMedia CMS at the same time on their websites and simplifies the editing for content.

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

babiel 2FA

2FA - Two-factor authentication

Protecting access to systems solely with user name and password is usually not sufficient anymore. Therefore, we have implemented a two-factor authentication based on privacyIDEA, the open source framework for enterprise authentication.

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

babiel Affiliated Groups

Live user management, access-protected areas, comment function and moderation.

Interaction with users, based on the existing CoreMedia infrastructure, is the focus of this solution. 

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

babiel Defacement Sentinel

Defacement Sentinel - Anti Defacement Solution

To protect the web sites and CoreMedia platforms we are hosting, we have developed a powerful sentinel to protect against unauthorised changes to the covered sites.

Protected processes and connections are used to monitor changes on the websites as well as the update behaviour of the individual delivery servers. Discrepancies and especially unauthorised changes are detected and escalated immediately.

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

Babiel Newsletter System

To optimize and expand online communication, we have developed a comprehensive newsletter tool for the individual supplementation of CMS-based web portals. The newsletter system has been used successfully by the German Bundestag, the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for several years. The system enables the parallel operation of numerous newsletters with up to 100,000 subscribers each.

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

Oracle to PostgreSQL Converter

The changed license policies of Oracle led many enterprises to re-evaluate their database infrastructure. PostgreSQL has proven to be a reliable and high-performance solution for the use of CoreMedia.

The Oracle to PostgreSQL converter is based on an open-source solution that has been adapted to CoreMedia's database schemas. This makes it quite easy to replace an Oracle database with a free and open-source alternative.

CoreMedia Partner Babiel

babiel Video Management

Video Management System, Integrated VMS solution based on Vimp (OnPremise operation)

Implementation of a complete integration of the Video Management System (VMS) VIMP. Based on the on-premise VMS VIMP, which is subject to licensing, the CoreMedia system was expanded to include the functional scope of a complete VMS: In addition to the standard functions for using videos (storing metadata, playing out on the Internet), the administration and editing of videos were also integrated into the CoreMedia editorial system.

CoreMedia Partner bitgrip

bitgrip Headless API extended CoreMedia CMS

Data of all content types from the CoreMedia Content Cloud and other IT systems flow together in the bitgrip Headless API. All this information is displayed in the same 'look and feel' via a React-based app, regardless of the device. This ensures a brilliant user experience, improves the work organization (independent development of frontend and backend), and enables the smart merging of individual system components.

CoreMedia Partner bitgrip

bitgrip Kubernetes-Deployment for CoreMedia CMS

CoreMedia modules are each packed in docker containers and made executable individually. The containers are orchestrated with Kubernetes. This standardizes deployment processes, accelerates administration, system boot-up (factor 5), and saves data volume. Peak loads can be easily scaled. This solution works with all common cloud providers.

CoreMedia Partner Canto

Canto Asset-Management-System

Interone successfully integrated the leading digital asset management system canto with CoreMedia at SOS Kinderdorf .

Partner Comspace Picture

.comspace Integrates CELUM ContentHub with CoreMedia

No more copying pictures from the Product Content Management (PCM) into the CMS. No more countless versions in various resolutions. No more media silos. With CoreMedia Connect, editors can access the assets in CELUM ContentHub directly from CoreMedia—seamlessly, quickly, and intuitively.

CoreMedia Partner cyber:con

Cyber:Con eBusiness eXtension

The eBusiness eXtension from cyber:con for CoreMedia CMS offers customers the opportunity to take shop offers to a new level. The next-generation approach offers a unique shopping experience across all channels. The customer experiences a homogeneous shopping experience and can access his usual data everywhere.

Partner etracker Logo

eTracker A/B Testing

The A/B Headline Testing based on eTracker Optimiser is deeply integrated into CoreMedia Studio. It enables you to instantly set up various headlines for a teaser and run automated tests.

Partner etracker Logo

etracker tracking Integration

The tracking integration with eTracker enables you to understand customer behavior on your website and to analyze it with flexible segments. With the results you can easily optimize your website to increase conversion rates.

Hoosuite Init Logo

Hootsuite Social Media Integration

If you set up the CoreMedia integration with Hootsuite, you enable your Social Media Agents to push content directly from your CoreMedia System to Hootsuite and then to the connected Social Media. This solution is working successfully managed by our Partner Init for our customer Continental.

IBM Digital Analytics Logo

IBM Customer Analytics Integration

The confirmed CoreMedia integration with the Coremetrics software which is now part of IBM customer analytics solutions enables the analysis of customer behavior data to improve marketing efforts.

IBM Logo

IBM Marketing Cloud

CoreMedias IBM validated Marketing Cloud Integration allows for easy reuse of content and assets for newsletters and mobile push messaging. In addition, user segmentation can be used to personalize landing pages in CoreMedia.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ AntOn Plattform

AntOn is the flexible platform from ]init[, that lets you easily configure and publish online services and applications online. They intuitively design service assistants, integrate external systems (payment, nPA authentication) and create workflows. And best of all, you can integrate the services directly into your website with CoreMedia CMS. Customer: Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth; Ministry of the Interior

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Broken-Links-Checker

The Broken-Links-Checker checks documents in the CMS for broken external links, e.g. returning 404 or 500 errors, and provide a report within the Studio.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Crazy Egg Integration (A/B Testing)

The Crazy Egg extension contains a lightweight integration of Crazy Egg for configuring A/B tests.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Find & Replace Plugin

This plugin adds Find and Replace dialog in the studio rich text editor, allowing you to quickly search the text as well as replace words inside it. Common options available for matching: case, whole word, cyclic.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Migration Framework

The migration framework simplifies the data-migration between different CoreMedia document models.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Pinuts Integration

Init's integration with Pinuts' Universal Messenger software enables editors to conveniently send out personalized newsletters, and apply targeted segmentation for online marketing – combining the strengths of CoreMedia's CMS and Pinuts’ email marketing optimization solution.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ SALESFORCE Commerce Customization

Based on the Commerce Cloud integration provided by CoreMedia ]init[ provides customizations e.g. optimizations for Caching.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Smart Data Hub

Service for continuous integration and multichannel provision of external data incl. real-time-data.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Usability Assistant (WCAG)

The BITV-Assistant extension adds formatting options to RichText fields in the Studio to mark words within the text for accessibility, i.e. abbreviations, definitions, and words in foreign languages, manually and automatically, and can validate text according to certain accessibility rules.

CoreMedia Partner init

]init[ Webtrekk Analytics Connector

The Webtrekk Analytics Connector provides an integration of Webtrekk as analytics/statistics tool into CoreMedia to track page impressions in the CAE and visualize them (rudimentally) in the Studio.

CoreMedia Partner Materna

Celum Digital Asset Management Integration

Integrating Celum with CoreMedia is just one of many attractive integrations with complex digital asset systems by Materna that guarantee a secure content lifecycle. Customer: SSI Schäfer.

CoreMedia Partner Monday IT Consulting

Monday Advanced Studio Search

Monday Search extends the CoreMedia Studio with the "advanced search" function and thus brings the former Sitemanager Search back! Through the simple selection and linking of content properties, the entire CMS Content can be searched in detail.

Monday Webforms Logo

Monday Webforms Form Management

Monday Webforms form management offers you a fast track to creating a unique customer experience that establishes a digital direct line to your clients. 

Moresophy Logo

Moresophy Contextsuite Integration

The automated taxonomy award, which can be deployed in CoreMedia Studio, integrates with Moresophy's Contextsuite simplifying content editing, link building and tagging.

Movingimage Logo

movingimage Video Platform Integration

Video content is growing in importance. So no wonder that CoreMedia offers an integration with movingimage which provides a secure Enterprise Video Platform (EVP).

Thomson Reuters Open Calais

Open Calais - Semantic Tagging

CoreMedia integrates with Thomson Reuters' leading OPEN CALAIS semantic tagging platform to automatically provide tag suggestions during the content creation process.

CoreMedia Partner Solution Tallence Redirector Logo

Tallence Redirect Manager

Redirects and content belong together and should be editable. The Redirect Manager provides editors with this facility via the studio and ensures referential integrity: if the target document of a redirect is deleted or renamed, the redirection itself is also adapted accordingly.

Tallence Formeditor

Tallence Form Editor

The form editor is an open-source form kit for CoreMedia. Through the studio, form elements can be intuitively configured and played on your website. Custom elements and own actions can be quickly integrated into the modular system.

Tallence Contender

Tallence Contender

The Contender was developed to make content-side settings in the CMS automated as part of a deployment. The developer of a feature can already define the settings in the CMS in the workspace. As a result, deployments can be further automated and carried out without difficulty.


Translation by Transline

As one of the largest language service providers in Germany and Europe, Transline has been assisting its customers with complex language projects for over 35 years. With more than 165 employees in Europe and over 5,000 specialized translators worldwide, Transline reaches 93 percent of the world's population. 

CoreMedia Partner T-Systems MMS

Extended Query and Mass Operations in Coremedia Studio

T-Systems MMS  adapted and extended query functions for Coremedia Studio including Coremedia’s jobs framework. The Extension enables an editor to create flexible and parametrized queries and to use bulk functions for mass editing operations on a large numbers of content objects.

CoreMedia Partner T-Systems MMS

Magenta Cloud Connector with Coremedia Content Hub

T-Systems MMS integrates Magenta Cloud into Coremedia Studio. The multifunctional Studio connector can connect several folders in Magenta Cloud and supports single, multi and folder imports of digital content and parallel IPTC data extraction for automated preediting and linking of assets and variants.

CoreMedia Partner T-Systems MMS

Telekom Content World - Digital Asset Management with Coremedia DAM

T-Systems MMS built up a whole ecosystem for asset management based on Coremedia’s DAM. The Solution is fully integrated into digital production of Deutsche Telekom and supports the assets life cycle and the complete license management from the photographer’s camera up to delivery of assets to multiple content consuming channels of Deutsche Telekom.

Springer Nature Logo

Springer Nature Track Changes Integration

For CoreMedia’s huge installbase of media customers well investigated and high-quality content is indispensable. Therefore our customer Springer Nature, for example, uses the Track Changes integration in CoreMedia Studio to maintain their high level of scientific quality content.

CMS plugin from Siteimprove

Siteimprove CMS plugin

The Siteimprove CMS plugin bridges the gap between the CoreMedia content management system (CMS) and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. Now you can scan your website for errors before and after a page is published, allowing you to fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. 

Retresco Logo

Retresco Automatic Text Generation Integration

CoreMedia integrates the automatic text generation of Retresco e.g. at Gruner und Jahr.

Optimizely Logo

Optimizely A/B Testing

Optimizely’s A/B Testing integrated by and to CoreMedia guaranties, that you finally are able to make the right choice for your online content selection and provide the best content fit for your customers.

OnTram Logo

OnTram Translation Management

The translation management solution ONTRAM has been integrated for CLAAS by arvato S4M.
Translators receive automated translation jobs and preview content in the CoreMedia system.

CoreMedia Partner Aperto Logo

Aperto Generic Content Migrator

Aperto's "Generic Content Migrator" can be used in projects that need to migrate and optimise legacy content.
Thus, you can generate up-to-date content in a automated and repeatable fashion.

CoreMedia Partner Aperto Logo

Aperto Extensive Personalisation

To provide users with individually relevant news feeds, Aperto has created state-of-the-art interfaces for user
authentication and delivers CMS content out of CoreMedia to personalization tools like Cxense or Outbrain.
Customer: MediaCorp

Orbis Caruso

ORBis/CARUSO Integration

Aperto's integration of Materna's TMTs ORBiS/CARUSO event management suite provides convenient editing for CMS editors as well as a seamless booking experience for website users.


Automated Roll-Out with Puppet

Aperto has developed a standardised configuration management using Puppet to facilitate automatic updates and
Continuous Delivery - on top of CoreMedia's RPM-, Chef- and Cloud capabilities.

CoreMedia Partner Aperto Logo

Aperto Editors' To-Do-Lists

When the work of CMS editors is closely coupled with third-party tools or databases, Aperto's integrations can help to update to-do-lists and notify editors.

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