Content Hub Connectors

CoreMedia Content Hub integrates with numerous systems and platforms. Find below a growing list of pre-fabricated integrations.

Labs - Content Hub Cloudinary Image

Cloudinary Connector

The Cloudinary extension provides access to the content of a Cloudinary repository via configuration. Content stored in Cloudinary is available as an additional tree inside CoreMedia Studio.


Content Cloud Connector

This CMCC plug-in enables connecting to another CoreMedia content repository. Browse all accessible data from the linked repository directly in the Studio library.

Labs - Content Hub Dropbox Image

Dropbox Connector

The Dropbox plug-in allows access to any content in a Dropbox folder. Browse through your Dropbox folder conveniently from within Studio.

Labs - Content Hub File System Image

Filesystem Connector

The filesystem plug-in gives the editor access to the server's file system. Files will be available from an additional tree inside the Studio library.


Navigation Connector

The Navigation plug-in provides an overview of the preferred site's navigation structure in the Studio library.

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