Financial Services and Insurance

Earn client trust – one interaction at a time.

When it comes to financial services, clients expect more. More data privacy. More ways to self-serve. More personalized experiences. And more options for digital interactions. Give consumers what they want with CoreMedia Content Cloud – and build the trust that will keep them loyal no matter where the customer journey takes them.

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Deliver the ultimate online experiences.

Interacting with clients online is now the norm for the financial services sector. That’s why you need to make every digital experience count. CoreMedia Content Cloud brings together content, digital assets and data to help business users of all skill levels create highly personalized, highly engaging experiences at scale—without relying on IT.


Keep it dynamic and data-driven.

Getting your message heard means striking the right balance between appealing and relevant. But blending rich content with complex transactional data isn’t easy—especially if that data sits in silos across the organization. With CoreMedia Content Cloud, you can combine real-time financial data with inviting multimedia content for personalized digital experiences that hit the mark every time.

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Make digital transactions simple.

From applying for a mortgage to shopping for a homeowner’s policy, consumers want to find what they need easily—and complete their transactions quickly. That’s where flexible eCommerce integration comes in. With the ability to combine inviting content and detailed product information across multiple sites and languages, CoreMedia can help you increase revenue, retention and customer loyalty

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Keep your systems running smoothly.

From employees to partners to clients, financial services companies serve a variety of audiences through different systems. But they also have to keep everything secure and streamlined. Integrations from CoreMedia help you connect both internal systems and external partners to ensure you’re getting the right message to the right audience—without worrying about technical incompatibilities.

Learn how financial services companies can use CoreMedia to marry content and data to provide secure, engaging experiences, while making editorial work easier for their teams.

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