Campaign Orchestration With Campaign App

Launch numerous marketing campaigns, across multiple geographies and in multiple languages, with the utmost confidence necessary to drive strong brand and revenue growth.

The Campaign App is a cloud-native SaaS application for CoreMedia Content Cloud that enables campaign and content managers to create, schedule, launch, and manage their marketing campaigns across multiple channels in the most efficient manner.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences and pixel-perfect campaigns across all touchpoints.

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Schedule Campaigns

Take the stress out of planning and build on reliable, long-term scheduling.

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Across All Devices

Launch your campaigns across all channels and devices.

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Launch Campaigns Everywhere

With the Campaign App, you and your team ensures that not a single region will be left out. Orchestrate the launch of your campaigns across the globe.

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Measure Success

CoreMedia's Campaign App is designed to not just launch campaigns, but to also deliver relevant KPIs for your company. With this, you'll be able to put additional resources to the best performing campaigns.

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