CoreMedia is more than a technology provider. We believe that understanding our clients’ business models and objectives is as important as good software to successfully deliver a successful project. Our professional services team and network of partners work closely with you to bring deep business understanding to your projects, and support you from the strategic planning, through implementation, to the optimization of your systems based on your unique business needs.

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Our strength not only comes from a deep appreciation and understanding of your industry and particular business requirements, but also from having extensive content management experience across a variety of verticals. We bring years of expertise to connect our technology to your business objectives and vision, and ensure that you gain a sustainable competitive edge now and in the years to come. That’s the reputation we have grown over the years, and we stand up to that role.

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We are experts in our field, and experts in our products. We’ve executed hundreds of real-life projects, and commit every time to the project’s success. With a skilled professional services organization and network of over 500 trained partner consultants, we ensure that you’re fully supported every step of the way

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Deploying a content management platform is a complex business regardless of one’s experience. We take every new project seriously, favoring an iterative approach where the platform’s fundamentals should be really strong but flexible enough to allow refinement over time. Flexibility is critical because your needs will evolve — just like the Web — and you need to adapt to change. We ensure that you deploy your CMS so that it can grow with you over time.

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