Display highly relevant content to each unique visitor, improving satisfaction and increasing the probability visitors will convert. Create and manage a configurable set of personalization rules for different pre-defined visitor segments. Visitor profiling tools allow you to discover user interests from both explicit user input (i.e. manual data entry) and implicit visitor input (i.e. behavior patterns). Integrate visitor profiles from external systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

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Understand Your Visitors

Knowing each customer’s interests is the first step to successful online engagement. Enhance your customer intelligence and improve your customers’ online experiences by leveraging demographics, online behavior, social media activity, and content preferences to drive relevance.


Segment Your Audience

One-size-fits-all experiences are no longer effective. Different types of visitors need different kinds of information. Increase the effectiveness of online campaigns by automatically assigning visitors to targeted market segments based on observed online behavior, predictive targeting, and specific information.


Preview Instantly

Preview and test new personalized digital experiences before publication by previewing them for a wide variety of different user contexts, devices, and publication dates. Make changes easily and update immediately.


Personalize the Experience

Dynamically deliver relevant experiences that leverage profile data, context sources, segmentation, and taxonomies to any touchpoint or device. Automatically generate topic-driven microsites and related content packages.

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Scalable & High Performance

Dynamically adapting online properties for each individual visitor or visitor group can place enormous demands on your underlying content management platform. CoreMedia handles the load easily, since it was designed from the ground up for high-traffic, dynamic publishing scenarios.

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Integrate External Context Sources

In addition to leveraging real-time customer behavior and visitor profile data, you can extend the experience context by integrating visitor data from your third-party systems such as CRM, social networks, eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and many more.

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