The CoreMedia Blueprint is a rapid development framework that comes with ready-to-deploy starter sites for building modern, omni-channel online experiences. It contains advanced code modules, site templates, style sheets, and sample content that addresses almost any requirement customers need to get started. Blueprint's pre-fabricated components and elegant, responsive templates reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market for omni-channel, multi-language brand experiences. 


Multiple Industry Segments

CoreMedia's Blueprints contain sample sites with associated content and unique features. The Brands Blueprint is a global site with pre-built support for multi-site and -language publishing. The Commerce Blueprint is an online store for a range of commerce platforms. The Hybrid Blueprint is an innovative starter site blending branded content and commerce functionality. And the Media Blueprint is a news and entertainment site incorporating best practices from top media companies.


Omni-channel Publishing

Blueprints are based on a responsive, mobile-first publishing architecture to ensure a rapid start for true omni-channel customer experiences. Scalable image formats and fluid page grids dynamically adapt from phones to tablets to a full desktop experience. And real-time previews accurately reflect the customer experience across all channels.

More Than a Starter Site Image

More Than Just a Starter Site

CoreMedia Blueprint serves as ever-evolving repositories of continuous product innovation – including code, UI enhancements, technical knowledge and best practices – that can be used by any company with a development team and an ongoing need for new features.


Manage Product Experiences

CoreMedia Blueprints make it easy to manage the online product experience. Manage and display product catalogs from right within CoreMedia. Create searchable online product experiences and informative category and product description pages. Define and mange products categories directly in the CoreMedia repository along with associated descriptions, images, and documents.


Dynamic, Visually Engaging Design Elements

CoreMedia Blueprints provide a wide range of modern, appealing design elements to ensure online properties are usable, informative, and visually engaging. This includes full-page teasers, dynamic news and events lists, touch-enabled carousels, interactive image maps, customizable calls-to-action and claim teasers, and many more.

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B2B and B2C Commerce Sites

For more advanced implementations, use the CoreMedia Brand Blueprint as a master brand site that seamlessly integrates with both B2C and B2B eCommerce stores.

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