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CoreMedia Partner bitgrip

bitgrip Headless API extended CoreMedia CMS

bitgrip Headless API   

Data of all content types from the CoreMedia Content Cloud and other IT systems flow together in the bitgrip Headless API. All these information are displayed in the same 'look and feel' via a React-based app, regardless of the device. This ensures a brilliant user experience, improves the work organization (independent development of frontend and backend) and enables smart merging of individual system components.

CoreMedia Blueprint Model with REST API

  • for all content types (teasers, articles, pages, pictures, videos, config files)
  • for pages, placements and visuals
  • for settings and resource bundles
  • easily expandable with new content types

CoreMedia frontend rethought

  • Modern single page application with React JS
  • React Components pattern library for reusable UI components
  • Shorter development round trip with NodeJS Express Frontend
  • Clearer separation of content, structure and presentation
  • Separation of system components for easy deployments and independent scaling

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