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Aperto - Leading Digital Agency

Aperto is a full service provider for digital communication. Our claim is to use experiences from more than 10 years into each new challenge.

Aperto technologies make everyday life easier - e.g. when you order a surrogate passport on the website of a German consulate general. Or when you apply for a job at Europe's largest car manufacturer. Or when you download software for your mobile phone. Or or or...

Thinking and acting sustainably

We support companies, ministries, small enterprises as well as organisations with digital processes and communication products.

It's not the size of the project that matters. What counts for us is sustainability in thinking and acting - with maximum flexibility.

You won't find us very often at illustrious events in the so-called "scene". That's simply because we are at our client's. Because we know that success in a project is not about a software code but about people's commitment.

We serve our founding clients still today.

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