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Arvato Systems is a specialist for everything concerning Internet and e-commerce. As a subsidiary of the globally active Bertelsmann enterprise, we are integrated in a unique service network.

We offer our customers standard and customised software solutions – custom tailored and target-oriented. In doing so, we focus on a high degree of innovation and quality while providing intensive project know-how combined with in-depth system knowledge. With CoreMedia we have an innovative, powerful partner for the area of content management in our portfolio. Based on the CoreMedia CMS, Arvato Systems has developed and implemented solutions for both B2B as well as B2C. Our spectrum of services is rounded off by application service providing, hosting, and automated system monitoring that safeguards the availability of our customers’ web services around the clock.


Arvato Systems implemented the leading ad-sponsored knowledge portal with the CoreMedia CMS and ensures the highly available, high-performance operation of this website which generates 25 million page impressions a month and attracts 1.85 million users each week. The project is part of an integrated cross-media/single source multi-channel strategy pursued by the Wissen Media Group.

Project CLAAS

Using the CoreMedia CMS, Arvato Systems developed a strategic web content management platform for all channels such as Internet, intranet and extranet for the agricultural manufacturer CLAAS. A central content pool was created for this purpose, which enables the re-utilisation of contents and their workflows for distribution in different portals.

Selected examples of Arvato Systems solutions based on the CoreMedia CMS

Basis portal platform for multilingual, multi-client capable portals

The basis portal allows the efficient compilation of multilingual, multi-client capable portals based on the CoreMedia CMS. Internet, intranet and extranet appearances are based on a uniform technology and are controlled via a central editorial system. Administration is done by power users in the integrated CoreMedia Java editor or, for occasional editors, in the fully integrated, browser-based site editor that was adapted from the CoreMedia web editors. Content administration is done directly in the portal. With optimised dialogues like a worklist, starting publication workflows is a breeze.

In addition, the basis portal platform offers various functions for distributing contents according to the “push-and-pull” principle. The content pool and content flow centrally allocate information for the use in different portals. Target group key memory based on meta data ensures that the output is geared to a certain target group.

Additional functions of the basis portal platform: download, news and media archives, “what’s new” lists and email forms. With the basis portal platform by Arvato Systems, CoreMedia CMS projects can be quickly implemented.

Intranet module for a Media Asset database (image database)

The module offers the functionality of a media database and is ideally suited for integration in an intranet. The administration and maintenance of the objects is done in an integrated web editor directly in the portal interface. Contents are centrally administered in the CoreMedia CMS.

Uploading, converting and keywording media objects is easy thanks to the efficient upload dialogue. A layout table view allows objects to be clearly displayed with a thumbnail view for image and PDF files. Navigation is done through multilevel category trees. A full-text and advanced search round off the search functionality (supports the Lucene search engine of the CoreMedia search and indexing framework, as well as the CoreMedia FAST-based search engine). The module is multi-client capable; within an intranet, multiple image databases with any amount of category trees can be defined for different areas. Thanks to its flexibility, the database can also be expanded to meet additional demands.

Single sign-on

A ticket-based SSO solution based on the CAS framework allows single sign-on between an intranet or extranet based on the CoreMedia CMS and other web-based applications (e.g. CoreMedia web editor, SAP, etc.). The basis for central user authentication is an LDAP capable user directory. Here the allocation of authorisations is defined by user management. CAS is an open source project of the JA-SIG initiative.

Apache OFBiz shop integration

Arvato Systems has integrated Apache OFBiz in the CoreMedia CMS, a leading Java-based framework for shop and e-commerce solutions. The administration of products and their corresponding images is done in the CMS and the products are ported to the shop. OFBiz is an open source project that has been designated with the “top level project” status of the Apache Software Foundation as well.

ASP Hosting Partnership 

Application Service Providing is the key to the risk-free, inexpensive operation of solutions. With the ASP model from Arvato Systems, you safeguard your own resources for your core competencies. The ASP model can simultaneously help lower costs and save on resources, while providing the quality given by the concentration and further development of Arvato Systems’s know-how.

Arvato Systems customers enjoy all the benefits of the complete system, but only pay for the proportionate user costs for the creation and operation of the solution. Arvato Systems handles all human resource-intensive and expensive issues such as technology or maintenance for its customers.

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