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The 'Insane' Business Case

Why CFOs love uniting their brand sites and online stores. Talk by CoreMedia CEO and co-founder Sören Stamer. 

AI Based Shopping Suggestions

Smart Product Recommendations for Shoppers

Learn how to revolutionize the online shopping experience by allowing your customers to harness the power of machine learning and AI to find products that align with their interests and always on trend.

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Sören Stamer on why content matters

CoreMedia's CEO shares the seven ways content will be crucial for businesses to succeed.

CoreMedia Studio Chat Bot

Introducing the CoreMedia Studio Chat Bot

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Why should I do it?

Digital commerce provides enormous opportunities for brands to inspire and convert using a range of digital channels, but only if these channels work in harmony. Unfortunately, many companies maintain separate brand and shopping sites – leading to uninspired experiences, consumer frustration, and missed revenue.


How do I do it?

Fortunately, a modern CMS can address these shortcomings by augmenting your existing commerce platform with rich media, personalized experiences, and user-generated content. CoreMedia makes it possible to add sophisticated content management to your IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Magento, or homegrown commerce platform in as little as two months.

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What's the Financial Impact?

A prospective customer of ours recently shared this: For every 10 people visiting the company’s brand sites, only two make it to their online stores. The remaining 80% of visitors just disappear. But what if there was a way to convert even just half of those missing visitors into paying customers? That would lead to a 100% revenue growth — doubling existing revenue.

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My Offer

Let’s evaluate your path to a Online Flagship Store. We’ll sit down with you and build a personalized business case. Then, we’ll build a proof of concept for you within days. If you’re interested, contact me at soeren.stamer@coremedia.com, or look me up on LinkedIn or Twitter: @soerenstamer. Even if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, fill out the form below and we’ll send you a presentation that provides even more info about this amazing business case.


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