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Complete Creative Control

Restructure and re-use content in a variety of styles and layouts.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Augment Categories

Augment, Preview and Publish

Enhance homepages, category pages, content pages, and more.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns

Create product-driven pages and micro- sites that leverage content market- ing, digital assets, and real-time product information.

Multi Device Picture

Responsive and Adaptive

Content looks great and performs optimally on any device.

Flexible Deployment Picture

Fast and Flexible Deployment

All components can be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

Content Cloud Salesforce Factsheet rev 2

CoreMedia for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Factsheet PDF, 474.2 KB

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Homepage

Introducing CoreMedia LiveContext for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

CoreMedia LiveContext in Salesforce Business Manager Picture

Configure CoreMedia LiveContext in Salesforce Business Manager

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