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How quickly can you respond to your online customers? Join forces with CoreMedia and Astound and learn how to overcome content integration and time-to-market challenges to respond instantly to global events or shifts in online sentiment and increase your online sales significantly.

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The Need for Speed

Speed is now the most important capability for brands that want to stay relevant. Instead of planning campaigns weeks in advance and rolling out your brand messages globally over a period of many months, it will be done in days – or even hours. Brands that can’t get their messages out immediately and respond instantly to world events or shifts in online sentiment will be unable to take part in fast-paced global conversations.

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To address this need for speed, CoreMedia and Astound have formed a unique alliance that provides the most powerful and flexible approach to creating and managing omnichannel customer experiences. Our approach combines CoreMedia's industry-leading headless CMS platform with Astound's unparalleled UX abilities and integrated design system. Together, we can help you  launch your customer experience projects faster so that you can respond to customer demands instantly and at a global scale.

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CoreMedia Content Cloud: The Best CMS for eCommerce

  • Enterprise content management
  • Advanced SFCC integration
  • Integrated Content and Commerce
  • Seamless preview to production workflow
  • Flexible pricing and architecture models

The Astound Difference

  • Extend CoreMedia content types to support your commerce customers

  • Integrated design system to enable consistency of your branded experiences

  • Crafted by award winning user experience experts

  • Continuously improved to ensure fresh experiences


CoreMedia and Astound invite you to sign up for a personalized demo of our combined capabilities. Let's talk about your eCommerce challenges and discuss how we can help accelerate your customer experiences.